Participation and Employment Opportunities

Each summer we typically have employment and teacher participation opportunities in our Raleigh camps.

Raleigh 2017 Camp Teacher Participation Opportunities

Raleigh 2017 Camp Staff Positions

K-12 Teachers

  • Day Camp Team Leaders

As a teacher participant, you will be learning, implementing and leading activities focused on introducing children to the concepts of engineering. It is a fun, collaborative environment where teacher participants learn about engineering and then apply what they have learned in a sustained informal educational setting. Teachers will provide feedback and ideas while supervising approximately 12 elementary or middle school students or 24 high school students, providing mentoring and behavior management and collaborating with other team leads, undergrad counselors and high school assistant counselors.

Applicants should be highly motivated hands-on individuals who collaborate well with peers and children. Teachers should be interested in learning about ways to bring engineering to the classroom.

To apply: These Team Lead opportunities have been filled.

NC State University Undergraduate Students

  • Day Camp Counselors – Elementary, Middle and High School Day Camps

In the Elementary, Middle School and High School camps, engineering undergraduate students help lead teams of 12 to 24 campers in hands-on engineering activities. The position involves mentoring student campers, being a a role model leading all activity testing, managing team-to-team activity communications and facilitating teamwork effectiveness. Applicants should be enthusiastic, motivated and have experience working with children in a group environment.

To apply: These positions have been filled.

  • Lead Summer Day Camp Counselor – Elementary, Middle and High School Day Camps

This position begins in January, working in a flexible schedule 5 – 10 hours per week until the end of May and involves preparing for camp with updates to the application system, determining materials requirements and preparing for training sessions. In June, July and the beginning of August, the schedule turns into a full-time, 40 hours per week, M – F position and entails leading the high school assistants with the preparation tasks for each day at summer day camp.

This position requires leadership experience and excellent communication skills. Requirements include attending daily meetings with the teacher team leads and counselors, leading and directing responsibilities for the high school assistant positions and ensuring facilities are set up, activity materials are provided and removed, drop-off/pick-up processes are handled smoothly and closing presentations are prepared.

To apply: This position has been filled.

  • Residence Camp Counselors – High School Residential Camps

Residence counselors stay on campus in assigned dorm rooms and are responsible for a group of at least 12 high school rising juniors and seniors. The week begins with a Sunday camp check-in and ends with a Friday departure. During the week, counselors plan and implement a variety of social and recreational activities, provide insight into being an engineering student and help campers meet one another. Counselors need to be able to lead, take directions and collaborate with peers. They need to be enthusiastic and have a passion for engineering. Previous work with groups of children is preferred.

To apply: These positions have been filled.

NC State Graduate Student

  • Head Residence Counselor – High School Residential Camps

The Head Residence Counselor will supervise a group of High School Camp Residence Counselors. This position requires the individual to live on campus and manage all camp related aspects from Sunday camp check-in to the Friday departure process. They will lead the planning and implementation of a variety of social and recreational activities and act as a role model to the camp counselors and attendees. The Head Counselor needs to be an enthusiastic leader and have previous leadership experience in working a camp or residential program with high school and/or undergrad students. This position begins in early spring working 5 – 10 hours per week until the end of May. The month of June is a full-time commitment with presenting counselor training and managing three weeks of camp.

To apply: This position has been filled.

High School Students

  • Camp Assistants – Elementary, Middle and High School Day Camps

Camp assistant duties include preparation of activities and materials, organization of materials and cleanup, and assisting with the supervision of children during outdoor activities, field trips, and movement around campus. Camp assistants are expected to interact with campers and should be friendly, enthusiastic and industrious. Candidates must be at least 16 years old and should have previous experience working with children.

To apply: These positions have been filled.