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Suzanne Gordon, president of the NC State Engineering Board of Directors, meets with a scholarship recipient at the 2019 Engineering Annual Endowment Dinner.

Donor Recognition

The Foundation recognizes donors to highlight for our students and faculty the generosity that has shaped and enhanced their experiences in the College of Engineering. We understand that donors give to support a cause or an institution they believe in and that recognition is not the primary goal. But we also believe that recognition can spur broader participation. In addition to recognizing our donors on the website, the Foundation also organizes special events for donors throughout the year.

Endowment Recognition, 2019

*Bold denotes newly established endowment  **Renamed in honor

Andrew A. Adams

W. F. Aldridge/High Point Sprinkler, Inc.

John V. and Marian H. Andrews

Ernie and Beverly Alexander

Robert F. and Romaine S. Angel

Ernest James and Ethel Hudgins Angelo Memorial

ARAI/Charles R. Manning

James Bagwell

Bruce Richard Baldwin

John B. Ballance/Materials Research Society

Billy B. Bardin and Linh D. Le

Robert M. Barefoot

Bobby L. Barnes Family

Beam Construction Co.

Richard and Sarah Bean

John K. Beasley

McGee Harrelson Beckstoffer

Best Family

Donald L. Bitzer Creative Award

George and Janice Blessis Memorial

Brian P. Block Memorial

H. Carlisle and Frankie C. Booth

John A. Boren

Larry A. and Beth L. Bowman/Ben Franklin

W.E. Boyette

Robert O. Bradley IV

C. R. Bramer

Otto Branscomb Memorial/Ben Franklin

John C. Brantley IV Memorial

Harry M. Bremer

Bridgepoint General Contracting in CCEE

Kevin Collier Bristow Memorial

Charles Leslie Britt

Dr. Chisa Brookes

Robert Lee Brooks

Sarah L. Browning

RA Bryan Foundation

William D. Bulla, Jr.

Bullard Family Scholarship

William N. Bullock

Barbara B. Bylund

Kip Cambell

Ruben and Augie Carbonell in CBE

Carolina Tractor and Equipment Company

C. Dennis Carroll

Robert and Elizabeth White Carson

Calvin H. Carter, Jr./Materials Science and Engineering

Mary Gammon Carter

L. W. Cartwright Memorial

William M. Cates

Calvin G. and Margaret L. Caviness/Civil Engineering

CFMA Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarship for CEM Students in CCEE

CHE Class of 1966

Michael B. Christie

E. I. Clancy

William E. Clark Memorial

Worley “H” and Callie Anne Clark

Clausi Family Scholarship

Maurice and Sophie Clayton

Nancy Clements Memorial in MAE

C. H. Cline Jr.

Robert C. and Carolyn J. Cline

Elizabeth B. Cockrell

Thomas G. Coffey

Dr. Joseph S. Colson

John Estes Conway Memorial

I. Tunis and Bernardina B. Corbell

Arthur Glenn Corpening

Jack L. and Bonnie F. Covington Memorial

Richard Lee Craig Memorial

W.C. “Billy” Creel Memorial

John H. Croom III

Van Jackson Crotts

CSC 40 @ 40 Scholarship Endowment

Dan Culp

Tom and Mimi Cunningham

Everette B. Curlee

Curtiss-Wright Centennial of Flight

Josephus Daniels

John E. and Ana Piqueras Davis

J. Minor Davis/Ben Franklin

Fred N. and Patsy Day

William R. and Wilma K. Deal

Eugene C. Denton

Erik Dixon

Kenneth P. Dixon

Jesse S. Doolittle

Mrs. L.P. Doshi

David Dove Undergrad

Duke Energy /Computer Science

Duke Energy FREEDM Center

Dull/Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Hugh M. Duncan

J.E. Dunn Construction

John J. and Kitty B. DuPlessis

John Ivey Eagles

Virginia Stuart Easter Memorial

William and Mary Easter

William R. Edwards

Thomas Elleman

Engineers’ Council of NCSU

Eskridge & Long in Memory of Herbert Gibson

Clifton F. Eubanks

Richard Thomas Evans

Simon Justus Everett

E.O. Ferrell Family

Stephen Shane Fincher Memorial

C. Page Fisher, T.B. Smiley, Benjamin H. Mixon, Sr.

Edward P. Fitts

Ben Franklin

Kenneth D. and Wanda B. Franklin

Allen Jefferson and Frances Stalvey Fuller

Dr. Robert E. Funderlic

Jane Leigh Furr Memorial

Glenn Elliot Futrell

Elin E. Gabriel CBE Study Abroad

Ed Galloway/SIM-RTP**

Allen F. and Beverly J. Gant

Barry W. Gardner/Shelco, Inc.

Garwood Family

Susan Jennifer Gettes Memorial

Bill Gibbons Scholarship Endowment

J.D. Goins Memorial

William Jackson Goodrum

Gordon Family

Olin Max and Jane Cox Gordon


William H. and Tipton H. Gray

Constance W. Gregg

Robert Gross/Lockheed

Carlos D. and Barbara Hoyle Gutierrez

Michael B. Gwyn

Kimbrough W. Haines III Memorial

Richard Wade Halford Memorial

Harrington Family

David Page Harris, Sr.

Joyce Hatch

Brad E. Hatcher Memorial

John R. and Ann C. Hauser

Thomas E. and Lyda C. Haynes

Oliver G. Haywood

Llewellyn Hewett, Jr.

William E. and Carol L. Highfill

Joseph C. Hines

Harry B. Hoffman Memorial

Louis B. Hoffman

Jesse Reid Holshouser, Jr.

Dr. Thomas L. Honeycutt

Jacob T. Hooks, Sr. Materials Science and Engineering

Hank G. Hoomani

Herbert and Leila Hooper

John William Horn

J. Barry and Linda Horton

Dr. Carl C. Hughes

Ben H. Hughes

Philip R. Jackson

Alfred E. Jenkins Memorial

Pete Jenkins

James M. and Laura B. Johnson

Richard R. Johnson/ASME

Andrew Blaine Johnston Memorial

Richard M. Jones

Robin Barker Jones Memorial

Craig W. Joyner

Renee and Stan Katz

Mark Paul Kavanaugh Memorial

Charles W. Kelly/Raleigh ISSA

James Fredrick Kelly

J. Phillip and Gloria K. Kennett

W.R. Kepley

Richard Bennet Knight

Knot Family Scholarship End.

Carl and Evelyn Koch for MSE

Dr. Robert M. Kolbas Makerspace in ECE

Ann Conner Kraynik Memorial

Charles D. and Patricia D. Lamb

Dwain and Gayle Lanier

Roland and Aileen Leon

Michael and Olga Liss Memorial

Charles Kenneth Little

Lockheed Martin

Frank Simpson Madren

L. A. Mahler

C.C. Mangum

Manning /Blanchard

Robin and Susan Manning/Electrical Engineering

Donald C. Martin/Chemical Engineering

Donald C. and Doris J. Martin/Computer Science

Thomas Jackson Martin, Jr.

Nino and Judy Masnari

Materials Science Engineering Leadership

Neely F.J. and Betty F. Matthews

Sidney F. Mauney

Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCarter, Sr.

Quinn Patrick McCleery Memorial

Red McCuen Furniture

Nathan H. and Leone U. McLamb

Grover C. McNair, Sr.

Matthew A. Meares in Renewable Energy

Robert E. and Peggy S. Meares

Arthur J. Meier

Mary A. and William H. Bill Messer

Peter Mente Undergrad in Biomedical Engineering

Charles S. Mitchell

Robert Mitcheltree

Amelia N. Mitta Memorial

Forest O. Jr. and Sandra Mixon/BS&T Friends

Forest O. Jr. and Sandra Mixon/RTI

Jule Modlin, Jr.

Joe T. Moore

Michelle Morse

Mulkey/General Hugh Shelton Leadership

W. Grigg Mullen

Henry C. Murphy III Memorial

Raymond L. Murray/Nuclear Engineering

Hugh C. Murrill Memorial

K. Linga and Ratnaveni Murty

Jagdish Narayan Family

Network Appliance

Newport News Shipbuilding Scholarship Endowment

Edgar B. Nichols, Jr. and Sr.

Brock M. Nicholson

Zach Nicholson

Niels Hansen Norman Memorial

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation

Edna Loretta Nussman in CBE

Oracle CSC

Oracle ECE

Diana G. and James L. Oblinger

Russ O’Dell

Dewey Carr Ogburn Memorial

Thurman Overcash Memorial

Hayne Palmour III

Frank T. Pankotay Memorial

Martin W. Parcel Memorial

Maurice W. Partin, Jr.

Paving the Pathway

David W. and Anne B. Pearsall

Eric Paul Pearson

Johnnie L. Pearson

Thomas D. and Tressa L. Pearson

Pendred Electrical Engineering

Charles R. and Freda Y. Pendred Memorial /Electrical Engineering

Hans Peterson Family and Krista Peterson Seabolt

Larry K. Petty/Ben Franklin

Phoenix Family

Mona Lisa Pinkney

Richard L. Porter Memorial

Melvin B.and Bertha W. Poulson

James A. Powell

Powers Manufacturing

Pratt Family


Procter & Gamble Company

Professional Construction Estimators Association, Inc./Kyle Cave Memorial

Progress Energy/Ben Franklin

Progress Energy/College of Engineering

Jack and Denise Rahmes

Verna S. Ramsey

Joe W. Reece

C. Robert and Joan Rhodes/Ben Franklin

Frances “Billie” Richardson

Gregory N. Richardson

Homer and Martha Riley

James B. Robbins II

Dr. George W. Roberts Memorial

Mark C. Roberts Memorial

B. D. and Patricia Rodgers

Sarah and Lonnie Joe Rogers/Electrical Engineering

D. Edwin Rose/Shelco, Inc.

R.N. Rouse & Company

Henry Rowe

Chuck Rushby Memorial in MAE

James T. Ryan Memorial

Sepideh Saidi

Eugene C. and Winifred Sakshaug

Norman G. and Sylvia L. Samet

SAS Institute

SAS Institute/Computer Science

Scholarship Campaign

Ed Scott

William deRosset Scott III Memorial

Nicholas E. and Sandra B. Scronce

E. Chester Seewald

Andy Sepelak Memorial

Shelco, Inc.

Joseph H. and Mary S. Sherrill

Edward R. Short


Simons Foundation/IMSE


David and Annie P. Simpson

G. H. and Ruth Singleton


Richard C. Sloan Memorial

Clarence M. Smith, Jr.

Drexel “Rex” K. Smith, Jr./Ben Franklin

Gordon and Louise Smith

Henry B. and Virginia T. Smith

J. Ronald Smith

Ron E. Smith, Jr.

Walter L. Smith

Ruby B. Smith Memorial

Theresa Mooney Freeman

Shruthi Soora/Electrical and Computer Engineering

Square D

Sidney White Spencer

Dr. Hans H. Stadelmaier

Dan and Katherine Stancil/ECE Centennial

Steelfab, Inc.

Paul M. Stephens

William D. Stevenson, Jr.

Stewart Engineering

Katharine Stinson

Dr. Robert F. Stoops

Alexander Lee Stuber Memorial

Kalaprapurna Dr. K Subbaraju and K Subhadramma Memorial

Hubbard and Mabel Sullivan

Raymond S. Talton

Charles B. and Eleanor S. Tate

James and Carol Tevepaugh

Henry C. and Nancy A. Thomas

Real Hope for NextGen Engineers

Richard Greenwood Thomas

James Wayne and Mozelle Rose Thompson Memorial

Gary and Pennie Thrower

Frederick J. Tischer

James B. and Julia M. Tommerdahl

Grace Tanigawa Traynor Memorial


C. Richard Vaughn

L. L. Vaughn

Herbert B. Walker

Peter A. and Barbara J. Warner

M. George Wayburn

Albert Weaver III in ISE

Edwin L. Welch Sr. Memorial

Wetherill Engineering, Inc.

Gerald M. and Nancy A. White

David and Karen Whitley

Randy and Katherine F. Wicker

Carlyle Aubrey Wiggins, Jr. Memorial

Lin Wiggins Memorial

Rudy Willard/Furniture

Milt Williams

Harold B. Williamson Memorial

Charles T. Wilson, Sr.

James G. and Brenda P. Wilson/John T. Caldwell

Withers Ravenel

Robert S. Wolf in ECE

Robert R. and Judith H. Womack

Simon Brown Woolard

Louis E. Wooten Memorial

Mark and Robin Wyatt

Doug and Whitney Yates

J.W. “Willie” York

Deborah Bell and Gary Young

Dr. Carl Zorowski

Norvin A. Clontz/Milliken

Thomas G. Coffey Graduate

Wayne T. Day Family Graduate

Edmond Graduate Fellowship/Materials Science and Engineering

James K. Ferrell

Edward P. Fitts

C.A. Gardner Graduate Award for Transportation Materials

Smith Gardner Graduate Award

Brian D. Garrett

Thomas Griffin Graduate Award

Hassan Family

Edward E. and Kay T. Hood Graduate

David W. Johnston in CCEE

Ramey Kemp

Bruce Edward Matthews Graduate Scholarship for Transportation Engineering in Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Patrick Hill McDonald and Dr. Clement Kleinstreuer

Sean McGrath Geotechnical

Dr. Thomas K. Miller III

Edward M. Schoenborn Endowed Fellowship Fund

Charles Smallwood

Dr. Vivian T. Stannett Memorial

Ed Vick Fellowship by Kimley-Horn and Associates

Wang-Zhang Graduate Award

Paul and Dora Zia Graduate Fellowship

Frank C. Ziglar, Jr.

Carl F. Zorowski for Manufacturing Engineering Education

ABB Distinguished

Alcoa Foundation

Andrew A. Adams Distinguished in MAE

A. Doug Allison Distinguished

Clifton A. Anderson Distinguished

Angel Family Distinguished in Mechanical Engineering

R. Ray Bennett Faculty Fellows


Cirrus Logic Distinguished in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Civil Engineering Distinguished

E.I. Clancy Distinguished

Christopher W. Clark Distinguished

Jimmy D. Clark Distinguished

Walter Clark

Worley “H” Clark / Nalco Distinguished

S. Frank and Doris T. Culberson Distinguished

M.C. Dean, Inc. Distinguished in ECE

Dopaco, Inc. Distinguished

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

Duke Energy / Electrical and Computer Engineering Distinguished

Duke Energy / Nuclear Engineering Distinguished

Dean F. Duncan Distinguished

Jim Ellen Distinguished

John C. C. Fan Family Distinguished

Edward P. Fitts Distinguished

Henry A. Foscue

Walter and Ida Freeman Distinguished in Materials Science and Engineering

Glenn E. and Phyllis J. Futrell Distinguished in CCEE

Dr. Hassan A. Hassan Distinguished in MAE

Jacob T. Hooks


Jackson Family Distinguished / BME

Frank Hawkins Kenan Distinguished

Kobe Steel Ltd. Distinguished

Lampe Distinguished/Biomedical Engineering

Lampe Distinguished/Biomedical Engineering

Lampe Distinguished/Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lampe Distinguished in MSE

R.A. and Mildred Lancaster

McPherson Family Distinguished

Pratt Professorship/ECE

Progress Energy/Electrical and Computer Engineering Distinguished

Progress Energy/Nuclear Engineering Distinguished

R.J. Reynolds Professorship Fund

James T. Ryan

SAS Institute Distinguished

Zan Prevost Smith Distinguished/Mechanical Engineering

Edward I. Weisiger Distinguished

Edgar S. Woolard Distinguished

Paul Zia Distinguished

Winser E. Alexander Faculty Endowment

Clifton A. Anderson Teaching Award

Ailor Enhancement / MAE

Dr. William W. Austin Graduate Student

R. Kelly Barnhill, Sr. Enhancement

Ashok S. Bhatnagar Enhancement / Nuclear Engineering

Bitzer Undergraduate Research

Larry A. and Beth L. Bowman Faculty Development

Kathryn Eskew Brown

RA Bryan Foundation/Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Enhancement

RA Bryan Foundation/Construction Engineering and Management Enhancement

RA Bryan Foundation Student Experience

Dr. Lisa G. Bullard Undergraduate Enhancement

Celanese Academic Excellence

COE Entrepreneurs’ Program/Barnes

CEEF-Faculty Retention/IBM/Martin

COE Entrepreneurs’ Program / Harry

COE Entrepreneurs’ Program / Wingo

COE Faculty Development

Paul and Sarah Cohen Enhancement Fund ISE

Computer Science Enhancement

Covington Enhancement

S. Frank and Doris Culberson Academic Enhancement/Chemical Engineering

Tom and Mimi Cunningham Academic Leadership

Dr. Joseph W. David

James M. Jr. and Patsy M. Davis Enhancement

Robert F. Davis Fund /Materials Science and Engineering

Wayne T. Day Family Graduate Student

Praxair Dean’s New Initiatives

James E. and Lois C. Deas

Delta Airport Consultants

Diversity in Computer Science

Duke Dynamic and Diverse Engineering Outreach

Duke Energy/Ergonomic Safety

ECE Memorial Library

Thomas Elleman

Salah E. Elmaghraby Engineering Academic Enhancement

Excellence in Undergraduate Computer Science Education

Ralph E. Fadum

Fairchild Extension Awards

Jesse Fearrington

Robert Fields

Dr. Robert Fornaro

Elin E. Gabriel

Goodrich Faculty Research Award

Griffing Engineering Excellence Fund

Keith E. Gubbins Lecture Series

Richard Wade Halford Memorial

Theodore A. and Peggy A. Hardaway

Harris Corporation/Women in Engineering

Dr. Hassan A. Hassan

Grace and Thom Hodgson Enhancement

Bill Horn Faculty Development

F. Neal Hunter

W. Eugene Hunter Academic

IBM Faculty

ISE Professor Clarence Smith

Steve and Carolyn Jackson/IMSE

Janus Development Group

Berry G. Jr. and Glenda D. Jenkins

J.A. Jones/Construction Program

Johnie Hooper Jones

Linda Jones

John D. Joslin

J. Alan and Linda O. Justice Enhancement

William R. Kenan Jr./Chemical Engineering Research

Kimley-Horn and Associates Faculty Development

Marushka Konanc Family Endowment

J. Harold Lampe Engineering Excellence

William Lane ECE Outstanding Teacher Award

Lattice Academic Enhancement/Civil Engineering

Lattice Academic Enhancement / Materials Science and Engineering

Henry V. Liles, Jr.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering General

H. Rooney Malcom

William R. Mann

Dr. Charles R. Manning Enhancement

Manning/Blanchard for Undergraduate Education

Walker Martin

Nino A. Masnari Engineering Gateway to Centennial Campus

John T. McCarter Jr. Enhancement /Nuclear Engineering

McKnight Faculty Development

Carol Miller Student Leadership

F. Scott Moody/ISE Excellence Enhancement

William F. Morris Family

Raymond L. Murray

H. Troy Nagle

North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors

A.P. Norwood Chapter of Chi Epsilon

Nuclear Engineering Academic Excellence

Pathway to the Future/Computer Science

Boris B. Petroff

Phoenix Summer Outreach

Dan and Barbara Pleasant

Joe Pleasant/ISE Excellence Enhancement

Progress Energy Dean’s Fund

Progress Energy Fellow

Kemp and Edna Reese

Dr. George W. Roberts Memorial

James M. Robinson, Jr.

B. D. Rodgers

Rodgers Builders Student Travel

Barbara A. Schlirf

Dr. Edward M. Schoenborn Graduate Student

W. Ferrell, Jr. and Page Sanders

Henry M. Shaw Lectures

Shelco Student Experience

Alice and Albert Shih

Fumio Shimura Materials Science and Engineering Academic Enhancement

Clarence M. Smith, Jr.

Robert H. Spilman Academic Enhancement/Furniture Manufacturing and Management

A.W. and Katie Stafford Enhancement

Stewart Engineering/SHPE

Student Award and Activities

Dr. K.C. Tai Memorial

Grace Tanigawa Traynor Memorial

Grace Traynor Endowment

William F. Troxler Design Center Support

William F. Troxler Enhancement

Wachovia Fund for Excellence

Hannibal G. Warren Memorial

Wells Fargo Fund for Excellence

John K. Whitfield Memorial

Rex T. Willard Academic Leadership

C.T. Wilson Construction AGC Student Chapter

James G. and Brenda P. Wilson Enhancement

Withers & Ravenel Department Promotional

Edgar S. Woolard Dean’s Discretionary

Robert G. Wright / Transportation Engineering

Richard M. and Judith A. Minday Young Faculty Support

Paul Zia Educational Fund/Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Charles D. Adkins

David C. and Diane D. Ailor

Anthony and Linda Ambrosio

Richard F. Bean and Anette Overton

Harry L. and Helen T. Bowling

Guy Burke

Richard and Victoria Byrd

Robert C. and Karen L. Cagle

Stephen E. and Mary W. Campbell

Ruben and Augie Carbonell in CBE

J. Owen Carson, Jr.

Neville B. and Patricia Christie

Robert and Brucie Clare

Thomas G. and Louise J. Coffey

Keith and Margie Collins

John Estes Conway Memorial

Elizabeth Cook

Randall L. Corn and E. Michele Gipson

A. Glenn Corpening

John H. Croom III

Tom and Mimi Cunningham

Fred N. Day IV

Van M. Delk, Jr.

Erik Dixon

Martin S. Dulberg

John and Kitty DuPlessis

Lee R. Ellis

Kent B. Foster

Kenneth D. Franklin

Benny and Tempie Furr

Glenn E. Futrell

Elin E. Gabriel CBE Study Abroad

Elin E. Gabriel CBE Enhancement Endowment

Elin E. Gabriel Women in Engineering Endowment

Allen F. and Beverly J. Gant

William R. and Gwendolyn Garwood

John and Janet Goldberger

O. Max and Jane Gordon

Shay and Connie Gregg

Harry C. and Elise R. Grimmer

Donald and Sara Guinn ECE

Rose D. Harrison

Cleon Hartzell

James and Kathleen Hipps

Rashida A. Hodge

H. Milton and Frances G. Holt

Edward E. Hood Jr.

Leo J. Huetter in Materials Science and Engineering

C. Perry Hunt

Randy Jester

William W. Johnson III

William and Edith Knott

B.E. Lauer

Leslie Lewis

Jerry Glenn Lewis

Michael W. Lowder

Neely F.J. and Betty F. Matthews

David F. and Nancy Cooke McAllister

Alan McGee

Donald Memory

Richard M. Minday

Benjamin H. and Polly Mixon, Jr.

E.J. and Ruth Mogilnicki

A.J. Montague Memorial

Bobby L. Montague

Amos Moore

Joseph T. Moore

Clyde C. and Betty S. Neely in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Clark Nexsen Foundation

E.B. Nichols

Russ and Susie O’Dell

Billy Page

Susan Page

Maurice W. Partin

Ronald Pendred

Terry and Anne Phillips Family

Janet L. Poulson

Carol Rahmani

H. Gray Reavis, Jr.

Anco L. Prak

Russell Roberson

James and Vickie Robinson, Jr.

Norman and Sylvia Samet

Timothy E. and Brenda A. Scronce

D. Stephen and Sally Seawright

Shawn Selleck and Antonieta Falconi

Tony W. Sigmon

Ben J. and Elizabeth P. Sloan

Gordon and Louise Smith

Thomas E. Smith

Jasper G. Stem

Kenneth A. and Julia Stevens

Carl S. Stutts

James A. and Carol W. Tevepaugh

Gary and Pennie Thrower

Charles R. Tomkins

John and Patricia Troutman

Robert C. and Susan C. Underwood

Randall and Susan Ward

Joseph M. and Nancy B. Weaver

Alan S. and Ellen M. Weinberg

Edward I. Weisiger

David H. and Karen D. Whitley

James G. and Brenda P. Wilson / Caldwell Scholarship

Woodrow F. Wilson, Jr.

Randy and Katherine F. Wicker

Hubert Winston

Doug Wolford

Frances M. Workman

Thomas G. Wright

Mark D. and Robin H. Wyatt

Jerry K. Yarborough

James Yopp

Paul and Dora Zia

Ruben and Augie Carbonell in CBE

Keith and Margie Collins

Elin E. Gabriel Distinguished in CBE

Don Hollingsworth William W. Johnson III

Russ and Susie O’Dell

Dr. J. Michael and Donna Rigsbee

Lawrence and Frances Twisdale

Alan S. and Ellen M. Weinberg

S. Edward White

James Yopp

Paul and Dora Zia

William H. Ailor III and Barbara J. Ailor

Roy R. Bennett

Donald L. Bitzer

William L. Bizzell

Worley “H” Clark

Keith and Margie Collins

Clinton A. Coram

M. Barnes Daniels

James and Lois Deas

Thomas and Charlotte Elleman

Kent B. Foster

Glenn E. Futrell

H. Carlyle Gravely

James A. Hackney III

Carolyn V. Huettel

John and Frances Huffman

Berry G. Jenkins, Jr.

Rolf and Libby Kaufman

Theodore Kratt

Byron Elmer Lauer

Rick F. Lawrence

Alan B. MacIntyre

Harold F. McKnight

H. Troy Nagle

Johnny F. and Betty S. Norris

James M. Robinson, Jr.

W. Ferrell Sanders

Daniel and Michelle Swart

Kenneth E. Watkins Enhancement / Engineering

S. Edward White

Edgar Woolard

Smedes York

Endowment Dinner Photo Galleries


Image 1, 2019 Engineering Endowment Dinner


2018 Engineering Endowment Dinner


2017 Endowment Dinner


2016 Endowment Dinner (l to r): Yuliya Siamashka, Eowyn Lucas, Kate Mueller


2015 Annual Endowment (l to r): Susan O


2012 Endowment Dinner (l to r): Brinda Monian, Frank Culberson, Andrew Santos


2011 Endowment Dinner (l to r): Alex Young, Tempie Furr, Benny Furr, and Beck Waldbauer