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Graduate students drive research in the College of Engineering at NC State. The College is known nationally for innovative graduate degree offerings, a world-renowned faculty and groundbreaking collaborative research initiatives. More than 3,000 students are enrolled in our 13 doctoral and 21 master’s degree programs. The College also offers 16 distance education master's degrees and two graduate certificates through Engineering Online.

Biomedical engineering doctoral student Vindhya Kunduru had no idea she was going to become an expert on Salmonella, bacterial infections and chickens.

Graduate Students in the College of Engineering

Graduate students in the College of Engineering play key roles in the important work that takes place in our departments and more than 20 centers, institutes and labs, including two active National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers — ASSIST and FREEDM.

They closely interact with our award-winning faculty members who stand among the best in the nation — 3 National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipients, 18 National Academy of Engineering members and 2 Directors of National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers.

They work and study in the state-of-the-art James B. Hunt Jr. Library on Centennial Campus; gain valuable experience through teaching assistantships; and connect with future employers at the NC State Engineering Career Fair, one of the largest events of its kind in the nation. After graduation, our students go on to top-notch positions in industry, academia and research laboratories.

Virtual and Augmented Realty Lab | Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr. Karen Boru Chen’s work in the field of human factors engineering explores how people interact with different types of systems — and how to make those systems safer and more efficient.

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Number 7

The 2020 US News & World Report ranks NC State’s Engineering Online seventh nationally on the list of Best Online Engineering Programs and 15th on the list of Best Computer Information Technology Programs.

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Top 10

NC State is among the top 10 universities where U.S. engineering deans and interim deans earn their doctorates.*
*The Bridge, Winter 2018, Quarterly Journal of the National Academy of Engineering

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Departments and Key Contacts

Office of Research and Graduate Programs
Dr. John G. Gilligan, (919) 515-3939
Tracy Brown, (919) 515-3939
Dr. Joel J. Ducoste,, (919) 515-2622
Robyn Fillinger,, (919) 515-1818

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Dr. John Classen,, (919) 515-6755
Heather Austin,, (919) 515-6710

Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Caterina Gallippi,, (919) 966-4959
Vilma Berg, and, (919) 513-7779 or (919) 966-8088

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Dr. Saad A. Khan,, (919) 515-4519
Sandra Bailey,, (919) 515-6367

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Ranji S. Ranjithan,, (919) 515-6979
Jodie Gregoritsch,, (919) 515-7344

Computer Science
Dr. George N. Rouskas,, (919) 515-3860
Kathy Luca,, (919) 515-8662
Andrew Sleeth,, (919) 515-2882

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Paul Franzon,, (919) 515-5091
Celeste Barton,, (919) 515-5092
Fenile Jones,, (919) 515-5091

Industrial and Systems Engineering
Dr. Yahya Fathi,, (919) 515-6417
Jasmine Petway,, (919) 515.6410

Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute (IMSEI)
Dr. Steven Jackson,, (919) 515-3808
Bill Irwin,, (919) 515-3808

Master of Engineering*
Dr. Mohamed A. Bourham,, (919) 515-7662
*The Master of Engineering degree is offered only
through distance education.

Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Albena Ivanisevic,, (919) 592-0683
Edna Deas,, (919) 515.3858

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Kara Peters,, (919) 515.5226
Iyana Porter,, (919) 515-1810
Tonja Austin,, (919) 515-3026

Dr. Lew Reynolds,, (919) 515-7622
Edna Deas,, (919) 515.3858

Nuclear Engineering
Dr. K. L. Murty,, (919) 515-3657
Dr. Steve Shannon,, (919) 515-3292
Mario Milev,, (919) 515-1463

Operations Research
Dr. Michael Kay,, (919) 515-2008
Linda Smith,, (919) 515-2350

Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Dr. Emiel DenHartog,, (919) 515-6637
Traci Figura,, (919) 515-6637