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Tag: Fall/Winter 2016

Sep 23, 2016

From the Dean

Each year, the beginning of the fall semester brings a flood of students to campus, all celebrating some milestone in life — the first year away from home, matriculation into a chosen discipline, or the final semester or two before graduation. This fall marks a special milestone. Our entering first year students are the much anticipated “Engineers of 2020.” 

Two students Freshman work in makerspace.

Sep 23, 2016

Read the Fall/Winter 2016 NC State Engineering magazine

The Fall/Winter 2016 NC State Engineering magazine features the investments we are making to continue to enhance the education we provide our students, the research we conduct to improve lives and the economy and the outreach we conduct to ensure that future engineers will be prepared for the exciting world they will encounter after graduation. 

In this photo, MAE graduate student Thomas Powers, right, works with Woodus (Rocky) Mintz in the chamber on a multirotor hexacopter that Mintz built. Mintz is the owner of Sandhills Robotics in Fayetteville, NC. In partnership with TFM & Associates, Inc. Sandhills Robotics works with the MAE department on drone research.

Sep 23, 2016

In our labs

These are the spaces that enable groundbreaking research. 

Freshman works in makerspace.

Sep 23, 2016

Family ties

Minority Engineering Programs continue to grow 

Jan and Andy Ammons

Sep 23, 2016

Team effort

Join alumni and friends who are supporting the Engineering Oval project 

Students work on EcoPRT.

Sep 23, 2016

EcoPRT will bridge the gap between NC State’s two campuses

Two faculty members in the College are creating a new transportation system that would link Centennial Campus with the University’s main campus. 

Drs. James Lester, left, and Eric Wiebe

Sep 23, 2016

Beyond the classroom

Advances in driverless cars, stories about computers learning to best mankind in games of skill and the prospect of a computer posing as a human handling your next online customer service experience have brought fresh recognition to the field of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Illustration of Engineering Oval building

Sep 23, 2016

Forward motion

It’s been a great decade for the College of Engineering. Over the last 10 years, the College has seen tremendous growth in enrollment, research funding, fundraising and faculty hiring. 

College of Engineering Homecoming Celebration, Red and White Week, Oct. 28, 2016

Sep 23, 2016

College of Engineering Homecoming Celebration

Alumni, join us for the College of Engineering Homecoming Celebration on Oct. 28. 

image of Dr. Paul Franzon

Sep 23, 2016

From the Outback to the Wolfpack

Dr. Paul Franzon learned to fly as a student in his university glider club, chasing kangaroos up and down the ridges of the Outback in south Australia. Today, you can catch a glimpse of him in the sky above Carter-Finley Stadium before the Wolfpack football team takes the field.