Faculty and Staff

Jul 8, 2021  |  Faculty and Staff

Creating smarter, healthier transportation systems

Eleni Bardaka guides her students in developing transportation systems that support a community's physical, mental and sustainable well-being.

Jul 7, 2021  |  Research

Plant patch enables continuous monitoring for crop diseases

Researchers have developed a patch plants can “wear” to monitor continuously for plant diseases or other stresses.

Jul 1, 2021  |  Research

Turning yeast cells into labs for studying drivers of gene regulation

The cells are a more efficient platform for studying proteins that play a key role in regulating gene expression.

Jun 30, 2021  |  Awards and Honors

Biochemical sensor researcher makes MIT Technology Review’s list of top young innovators

Amay Bandodkar, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is being recognized for his work on wearable health sensors.

Jun 18, 2021  |  Research

‘Nanodecoy’ therapy binds and neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 virus

Nanodecoys can bind to SARS-CoV-2, helping clear the virus faster.

Jun 18, 2021  |  Research

Combining energy storage and solar offers unexpected power reliability boost

This is encouraging news for renewable energy.

Jun 11, 2021  |  Awards and Honors

Computer scientist wins UNC System award

Veronica Catete is the first NC State staff member to win the award that recognizes exemplary service to both campus and community.

Jun 11, 2021  |  Awards and Honors

Three from CSC win NSF CAREER Awards

Alexander Kapravelos, Christopher Parnin and Ruozhou Yu, all assistant professors in the Department of Computer Science, have each received an NSF CAREER Award.

Jun 10, 2021  |  Outreach

New Board of Governors member tours Fitts-Woolard Hall

NC State faculty and staff members showed off some of the building's state-of-the-art labs to Sonja Nichols, a newly appointed member of the UNC Board of Governors.

Jun 10, 2021  |  Research

New twist on DNA data storage lets users preview stored files

Researchers have turned a longstanding challenge in DNA data storage into a useful tool.