Aug 8, 2019  |  Research

Self-sterilizing polymer proves effective against drug-resistant pathogens

Researchers have found an elastic polymer that possesses broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, allowing it to kill a range of viruses and drug-resistant bacteria in just minutes – including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Aug 7, 2019  |  Research

Augustyn selected for Department of Energy’s Early Career Research Program

Dr. Veronica Augustyn, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University, has been selected to receive funding as part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Early Career Research Program. Her research focuses on the electrochemistry of materials for the development of clean-energy technologies.

Aug 5, 2019  |  Research

Shared e-scooters aren’t always as green as other transport options

A study finds that while shared e-scooters may be greener than most cars, they can be less environmentally friendly than other transportation options.

Aug 5, 2019  |  Research

Technique uses magnets, light to control and reconfigure soft robots

A new technique uses light and magnetic fields to remotely control the movement of soft robots, lock them into position for as long as needed, and later reconfigure the robots into new shapes.

Jul 31, 2019  |  Research

An open modeling approach to support energy and climate policy

Researchers are developing an open-source computer model that can be used to inform the development of national energy and climate policies.

Jul 31, 2019  |  Research

Portable tech sniffs out plant disease in the field

Researchers have developed portable technology that allows farmers to identify plant diseases in the field. The handheld device, which is plugged into a smartphone, works by sampling the airborne volatile organic compounds that plants release through their leaves.

Jul 31, 2019  |  Research

2019 UGPN Research Collaboration Fund awarded

The University Global Partnership Network recently awarded the eighth round of the annual Research Collaboration Fund to nine projects between the consortium’s universities. NC State is represented on six of the funded projects this year.

Jul 25, 2019  |  Research

Using virtual reality to create new tech for first responders

Virtual reality allows researchers to develop and test new technologies for first responders without putting lives at risk.

Jul 23, 2019  |  Research

Chancellor’s Innovation Fund helps turn NC State research into real-world solutions

Six projects will receive support from the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) this year, a pivotal tool for helping promising NC State research reach its market potential. The work of this year’s CIF awardees ranges from a novel technique for infusing coffee into foods to groundbreaking developments in disease treatment.

Jul 18, 2019  |  Research

New tool tackles uncertainty in military logistics planning

A new model can help military leaders better account for logistical risk and uncertainty during operational planning and execution.