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CSC offering undergraduate concentration in artificial intelligence

The concentration will equip students with an understanding of theoretical, conceptual and professional AI practices and enable them to use AI models to solve real-world problems.

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Welcome to the College of Engineering

Ask An Engineer: “What Is Artificial Intelligence?”

Engineering Communications recently spoke with Dr. James Lester, Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Educational Informatics, to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, what it is, what it isn’t and what to look for in the months and years to come.

Engineering North Carolina’s Future

Engineering North Carolina’s Future, a North Carolina legislative initiative, will provide NC State $20 million over the next two years to hire additional faculty as well as support staff including academic advisors and laboratory personnel to support the larger student body.

The legislature is also providing NC State $30 million to support facility upgrades to accommodate these additional STEM students.

Fitts-Woolard Hall

The College’s newest facility marks a crucial next step in the College of Engineering’s move to Centennial Campus, providing critical infrastructure that allows faculty members and students to leverage the power of convergence across disciplines in an atmosphere unmatched anywhere in the nation.

Students walk by Fitts-Woolard Hall on their way to the ground level of Hunt Library.
Undergraduate students make their way past the Fitts-Woolard enginnering building on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall

This week we’re highlighting @ncstatecsc! See what student Eric Samuel has to say about his experience in CSC.

"My name is Eric Samuel and I am currently a junior in computer science. I chose engineering because of the vast amount of job opportunities and concentrations that stem from this field. I also wanted an area of work that would solve problems and be fulfilling long term which led me to computer science. I have met many awesome people in this department that have pushed me to be better in class, as well as been there to struggle through assignments together. This last summer I had the awesome opportunity of interning as a software engineer for Envestnet. My time there taught me so much about working in industry as well as with people and coworkers. Being able to apply what I’ve learned in class while also getting paid was a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. For all the freshmen in engineering who are unsure about a major yet, I recommend paying attention in the general engineering classes which highlight all aspects of different areas in the field. Try to keep in touch with lab partners and classmates so that you can have a network of study partners and friends for all your different classes. Try to go to office hours to save you countless hours of being stuck, don’t stress about grades too much and always have fun!"

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This week, we’re highlighting @ncstatecsc ! See what alumnus Jim Fletcher has to say about his experience in CSC.

“It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 50 years since I graduated from NC State with a degree in computer science, back then, few even knew what computer science was. Since that time I have had a great career, retiring with 35 years from IBM as an IBM Distinguished Engineer. I have witnessed, and been actively involved in so many technology transformations, always remaining a geek at heart (my kids would say it was more than just my heart that was a geek). For those that don't know, for many years, IBM was one of the worldwide industry leaders in many aspects of computing technology.

Since retiring from IBM, I now work with companies from around the world as an independent consultant focused on helping companies transform their organizations in areas of operational efficiency, technology transformation, and one of my favorite areas - Technical Due Diligence for M&A. I also continue to mentor, and stay involved with the NC State computer science organization, currently serving on the Computer Science Advisory Board.

I still remember so much about my time at State, and the impact professors such as Dr. Alan Tharp and Dr. Tom Honeycutt had on assuring I had the needed skills for success.

Three of my four children received degrees from NC State, with my fourth graduating from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and my three grandchildren are being raised to Back the Pack!

I hope your careers are as blessed as mine!”

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This week, we’re highlighting @ncstateccee! See what Faculty member Steven Welton has to say about his experience in CCEE.

Steven Welton was one of two professors recognized with the 2022 Blessis Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award from the College of Engineering for his outstanding commitment to ensuring students are both academically and personally supported. Teaching Professor Welton graduated from NC State with a B.S and M.S. degree in civil engineering. In 2014, he joined the department as a faculty member, and for the past 8 years he has taught coursework in both statics and steel design as well as guided seniors during their capstone course in structures. He said, “I knew with certainty that I wanted to obtain my degree at NC State and learn in the welcoming environment shaped by such supportive and encouraging individuals. Now, I am provided the high honor to interact with visitors and students as a representative of NC State and as a member of the CCEE faculty."

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This week, we’re highlighting @ncstateccee! See what student Quinn Lowe has to say about his experience in CCEE.

“My name is Quinn Lowe and I am a senior in civil engineering with a concentration in sustainability and structures. The reason I chose engineering is because of the amazing opportunities that are involved with the program at NC State and the ability to make a difference in the real world. Not only have I formed great relationships with my peers and faculty, but I also have become a part of something bigger than myself and it has pushed me to achieve in my academic career. I recently began undergraduate research on air and water quality impacts of TiO2 coated asphalt for road applications. This was an awesome project to become a part of and it sheds light on the impacts you can have even as an undergraduate student. For freshmen incoming and getting ready to CODA into their disciplines, I suggest they try and find other people who are going into the same major and try to form study groups and make friends early. This will be so helpful later on down the line when you are taking your degree courses and it will be comforting to have people you can count on for collaborative work and studying for exams. Don’t be afraid to ask questions whenever you need help, and, most of all, enjoy your college experience.”

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This week we are highlighting @ncstateccee. See what alumnus Ben Burgess has to say about his experience in CCEE!

Ben Burgess graduated in 2006 from @ncstate with a degree in construction engineering and management. He received his MBA in 2012 from the University of Florida and he now is the owner of @burgess_civil in Tampa, Florida. Burgess Civil specializes in residential and commercial construction projects specifically grading, clearing, utilities and road work. Just two years ago, his business was named one of the 250 best businesses in Florida. Prior to owning his own business, he worked with contractors in Cary, Jacksonville and Tampa. After working in Jacksonville and Tampa he realized his employer was turning away a lot of projects and he wondered who was getting these projects done. Once he studied the market of Tampa more, he realized that there was a mix of small contractors and very few really large businesses but no one in between. He took this as an opportunity to start taking on these mid-size projects himself. He started this from scratch with no employees and no equipment. Once he picked up his first job, he hired a few people from Craigslist to help him out and rented some equipment. His business has now grown so much that it employs over 130 people.

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This week, we’re highlighting @ncstatecbe! See what student Emma Johnson has to say about her experience in CBE.

Emma Johnson is a junior majoring in chemical engineering with a concentration in sustainable engineering, energy and environment. During her time at @ncstate, she has said that her experience has been amazing. From making so many friends to the overload of career and academic opportunities, she loves it. She recently started undergraduate research about degrading organophosphates to help the environment and the future of human life. She says that “Everyone in the lab is so helpful. They are all so willing to help guide me through it and answer all my questions.” Her favorite club she’s a part of is the @ncsuaiche. The club has weekly events, and a lot are company dinners, which are a great way to make connections and jumpstart your career. Leadership and professional development events are another thing she loves about how the club prepares one for the future. One piece of advice she has to give is “Never be afraid to ask for help. All of the professors, teachers, advisors and more want to see you succeed in your schooling, career and life. They’ll never turn you away.”

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This week, we’re highlighting @ncstatecbe! Faculty member Lisa Bullard shared her advice for first year students with us.

"Get outside your room, try new things and meet new people! There's a whole new world waiting for you beyond your dorm room."

Lisa Bullard is a teaching professor and the undergraduate director in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She received her B.S. in chemical engineering from @ncstate in 1986 and her Ph.D. in chemical engineering from @carnegiemellon in 1991. She served in engineering and management positions within Eastman Chemical Company from 1991-2000. A faculty member at NC State since 2000, she teaches several undergraduate courses in CHE, including Material & Energy Balances, Professional Development Seminar and Senior Design II. A fun fact about Professor Bullard is that her husband Michael and her daughter Meredith both graduated from @ncstateccee; in fact, their family was recognized as the Wolfpack Family of the Year in 2013 during Parents and Families Weekend.

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Hi guys!! With only one day until the 2022 Engineering Career Fair with @ncstateengrcareerfair I will be here to provide some useful tips and advice for the day prior!

My name is Matthew Jones (He/Him/His) and I volunteer and help run publicity for the Engineering Career Fair. I am a second year, majoring in Biomedical Engineering (BME), and I’m super hyped to show y’all a glimpse of the engineering world at state! I’ll be doing daily posts and stories, if you have an questions let me know!

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This week, we’re highlighting @jointbme! See what alumna Melodie Chang has to say about her experience in BME.

Melodie Chang graduated in spring of 2022 with a degree in biomedical engineering with a concentration in medical microdevices and rehabilitation engineering. She currently works as a Medtronic device representative where she was trained to be a specialist on all Medtronic cardiac rhythm/heart failure implantable devices. Not only that, but she also aids in surgical procedures and post operative care in a clinical setting.

During her time here at NC State she appreciated all of her relationships with the BME industry liaisons that really set students up for incredible internships and post-graduate opportunities. She also said that all of the professors in the department are amazing and a true resource inside and outside of the classroom. She loved that the major gave her the opportunity to choose a specialty that allowed her to take unique classes that aligned with her interests. The major requires three design courses between sophomore and senior year, which she said was very helpful in equipping students with very useful knowledge of the medical industry. While Melodie was a student, she actually started her own club called Engineering World Health, which focuses on medical industries in third world countries and how developed systems can help them. As for her future, she plans to stay in the medical sales field and eventually go into management. Melodie really enjoyed her time here and appreciated all of the opportunities BME brought her. She said, “I truly thank the BME department for setting me up for success. I feel very fortunate to have had such a great experience and an awesome start to my career. I still keep in touch with my peers and plan to continue to do so.”

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This week, we’re highlighting @jointbme! See what student Alex Martjuchin has to say about his experience in BME.

Alex Martjuchin is a junior in the joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at @ncstate and @uncchapelhill, concentrating in rehabilitation engineering and regenerative medicine. He graduated from Panther Creek High School in 2020. He’s a student athlete who plays cornerback on the NC State football team and has been playing football since he was 5 years old. He says that even though the level of rigor and time management between the two is difficult, he enjoys the structure it gives him.

We asked him what his advice to first year students is, and he said "In the end, you can live a balanced lifestyle in this major with the right time management skills, so don't be afraid to do what you love. As long as you're willing to work hard, you can do it."

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What’s up Wolfpack!! With just ONE WEEK until the @ncstateengrcareerfair on September 20-21, I’ll be taking over the @ncstateengr Instagram stories to share tips and tricks for getting ready for the fair!

My name is Caleb Jolley and I serve on the student coordinating team that plans and runs the Engineering Career Fair (ECF). As a fourth year student studying mechanical engineering with a minor in business administration, I am so excited to share my experiences with you all!

As you prepare for the fair, keep an eye out for those stories and I’ll see you there! As always, Go Pack!! 🔴⚪️🐺

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This week we are highlighting @jointbme! Faculty member Amy Adkins shared with us her advice for first year students.

“Once you graduate from @ncstate with an engineering degree, you are going to go off and find solutions or design devices which address novel problems. As a freshman, before CODA, you should be asking yourself 'what types of problems am I most excited about solving?'" ✈️🧪🧬🔬🖥🚀

Amy Adkins is an assistant teaching professor in the joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. She teaches undergraduate mechanics courses including Statics, Dynamics, and Solid Mechanics for the BME department.

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