Office of Finance and Personnel

The Office of Finance and Personnel serves faculty and staff in the College of Engineering and provides business-administration services to the college.

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Personnel and Administration Resources

College Additional Pay Deadlines

All additional pay should be submitted to Connie Reno by the following deadlines:

  • May 2019: April 18 (Th)
  • June 2019: May 23 (Th)
  • July 2019: June 20 (Th)
  • August 2019: July 18 (Th)
  • September 2019: August 22 (Th)
  • October 2019: September 19 (Th)
  • November 2019: October 17 (Th)
  • December 2019: November 13 (Wed)

SHRA & EHRA Actions Deadline

Please remember that your deadline to submit SHRA and EHRA actions is the 25th of the month prior to the effective date of your action.

Workers Compensation

Promotion and Tenure

Payroll Schedule