Common First-Year

All first-year students admitted into the College of Engineering enroll in a common set of courses during their first year at NC State. These common courses are foundational to all engineering degrees and required for ABET degree accreditation. This standard course work also allows first-year students the opportunity to explore degree options without getting behind.


A typical fall semester contains 15 to 17 credit hours and includes the classes below. More information about these courses can be found at the Registration and Records’ Class Search. For information on future semesters, see specific requirements for degrees and programs

The College of Engineering offers academic and career advising, tutoring in most first-year subjects and mentoring to facilitate success during the first year.

  • CH 101 – General Chemistry I (3 credits)
  • CH 102 – General Chemistry Lab (1 credit)
  • E 101 – Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving (1 credit)
  • E 115 – Introduction to Computing Environments (1 credit)
  • ENG 101 – Academic Writing and Research (4 credits)
  • MA 141 – Calculus I (4 credits)*
  • EC 205 – Introduction to Economics (3 credits)
  • HESF 1xx – Health Exercise Fitness (1 credit)

Total Semester Credits = 15-18

*Students can be placed in Calculus with an SAT II-Math, Level 2C score of at least 550 or an AP Calculus score of at least 2. Students also can be placed into Calculus using the NC State Math Placement Test or transfer credit from another institution. All placement scores should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Courses taken in the first year may vary from the courses in the list above if students earned college credits in high school or received advanced placement or credits through the Advanced Placement Program or International Baccalaureate Program. Official scores and college transcripts must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for students to receive advanced placement.