Engineering First Year Program

All engineering students join the College as part of our Engineering First Year program. Our objectives in the Engineering First Year program are to welcome students to the College, get them connected to important resources, help them learn about engineering as a profession and help them explore all of their academic options prior to joining a department.

In the summer prior to fall classes, students attend New Student Orientation, two days that begin a student's transition to college life and the start of their engineering education. At orientation, each engineering student completes their fall class registration based on a common first year of courses. Student course schedules may vary depending on placement scores and other preparatory work accomplished.

Just before the fall semester begins, students are assigned an academic advisor based on their intended major to help guide them through their first year. When the semester begins, students attend a College Welcome event that features the Dean of Engineering and a distinguished graduate. Another significant event for students in their first year is the annual Freshman Engineering Design Day, an exciting day of E 101 project team demonstrations.

When students complete the Engineering First Year program, they are expected to go through a change of degree application (CODA)* to apply to major in one of the 18 engineering degree programs and continue their path towards becoming a great engineer.

*Note: The Change of Degree Application was formerly called the Change of Degree Audit. The acronym is still CODA.

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Updated: 5/3/16