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Your primary information resource is your department contacts. They will be able to answer your questions about policies such as registration (e.g., adding and dropping courses, various forms and schedule changes), North Carolina residency, theses, dissertations and graduation.


In addition to your department contacts and the information presented below, two additional policy resources are the Graduate Administrative Handbook and the University’s Policies, Regulations & Rules website.

Resolution of Grievances

If you have a grievance, speak first to your academic advisor or your department’s Director of Graduate Programs. If you cannot reach an informal resolution, you must then follow the formal grievance procedures outlined on the Policies, Regulations & Rules website.

Withdrawal from All Courses

If you decide to drop all of your courses for a semester, you must visit the Counseling Center.

Leave of Absence

All graduate students must maintain continuous enrollment during the fall and spring semesters. If you have not registered by the census date (typically the 10th day of classes), you must request a leave of absence from your department’s Director of Graduate Programs. You must be in good standing (3.0 GPA) to receive a leave of absence, and the duration of the leave can be for one year.