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Training Modules

The College Research Office, along with the College HR and Finance Offices have put together the training modules for the calendar year 2021.

Each module will be provided in google PowerPoint format allowing us the opportunity for our College to collaborate via zoom to discuss the module, ask questions and even review some case studies.

Pat Hayes, Director
Laurinda Perez, Assistant Director

9 Modules:

02/25/21 Pre Award – Proposal Processing (Res)*
03/25/21 Post Award – New Award Review (Res)*
04/22/21 PMR/CF/Internal Distributions (Res, Finance, and HR)*
05/20/21 Cost Share (Res)*
07/22/21 TEARS/Effort (C&G)**
08/26/21 Salaries/SDC’s/RT/SS/Retro 90 Day Actions (Res and HR)*
09/23/21 Procurement (Res and Finance)* presentation from Blain Woods
10/21/21 Audits with Case Studies ( Res, Finance, and HR)**
11/18/21 Reporting (Web-based available reports, monthly reports, and external reports outside NCSU) Examples – WRS, Grant reports created by Yessy, PI Research Portal, monthly DH reports, NSF, US News, ASEE (Res)**

  • *1:00-2:00 pm **10:00-11:30 am
  • Modules will be reviewed by each person in his/her own time.
  • The case studies/conversation zoom sessions will allow us to discuss the modules.
  • All of the above is subject to change given the current climate at the time of the scheduled sessions.
  • Your attendance will first be recorded via your responses from the Google form and then again during the Zoom sessions.