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COE Program Enhancement Fee

Students enrolled in the College of Engineering will be charged a COE Program Enhancement Fee. This fee is used for program and infrastructure improvements in the College of Engineering to ensure our engineering students are provided career-ready skills that continue to advantage them in the marketplace.

  • Each semester, undergraduates will be charged $62.50 per credit hour.
  • Each semester graduate students will be charged $83.33 per credit hour.
  • Engineering students who enroll in a co-op work session will not be billed for the computing fee unless they also enroll in an NC State course.

What is the COE Program Enhancement Fee for engineering students?

The COE Program Enhancement Fee is a fee that pays for enhancements to the learning experience of undergraduate and graduate students in engineering and computer science. These enhancements include targeted student programs, student computing services, and new equipment and laboratories.

Please note that this is a fee and not a differential tuition. This means that the COE Program Enhancement Fee cannot be used to hire additional faculty, create additional course sections or other instructional items that are provided through state funding or tuition.

Why does the College of Engineering charge a program enhancement fee?

Our ability to provide our students with the highest quality engineering education depends on being able to develop, sustain and grow programs of excellence that enhance your educational experience and your marketability. Since technology is also changing so rapidly these days, our ability to provide relevant engineering education and prepare you for entering the workforce requires that equipment and laboratories keep pace with these advancing technologies.

And it’s not just at NC State. Practically every one of our peer public institutions with engineering programs charges a differential tuition or additional fee. So in 2015, the UNC Board of Governors approved the COE Program Enhancement Fee to ensure that we can keep up with our peers in terms of resources needed to provide the highest quality engineering education.

Who pays the COE Program Enhancement Fee?

All undergraduate and graduate students majoring in engineering and computer science.

How are my COE Program Enhancement Fee dollars invested?

All money raised through the COE Program Enhancement Fee is invested to enhance undergraduate and graduate education and research including: