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A new generation agricultural engineer

Emory New, wearing a red dress, poses for picture while sitting on a wooden bench.

By Laura Riddle

Contributor Peyton Gardner

Emory New is one of those students people know before actually meeting her. A graduating senior from the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, helping people is at the heart of everything she does. 

Emory grew up in a rural community located in Nash County, North Carolina. “Agriculture is very near and dear to my heart because of where I grew up and with my family being involved in the industry,” she explains.

Throughout middle and high school Emory was an active member of the North Carolina 4-H Program and later Future Farmers of America. A middle school robotics course introduced her to engineering and problem-solving skills she continued to explore through The Engineering Place, a summer program offered by NC State College of Engineering (COE). 

Those interests, paired with an on-campus experience, eventually led her to study at NC State University. 

This post is an excerpt of the original published by the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Read the full post here.