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Jonathan Addison completed his NC State career in the spring with Atlantic Coast Conference championships in the outdoor and indoor long jump, indoor high jump and outdoor men’s 4×100 meter relay, along with earning a degree in industrial engineering and starting a job with Eaton.

Which drew you to NC State first, athletics or engineering?
Engineering. My main priorities for selecting a school were engineering, track and a large university. I initially wanted to venture out of the state of NC, maybe to Georgia Tech because of their engineering program, but I attended the NC State engineering open house and it swayed me. Also because NC State recruited me for track and other engineering schools did not.

How did you settle on industrial engineering as a major?
A family friend of mine while I was in high school gave me some insight on the different types of engineering and why she chose industrial engineering back in college. So I looked into industrial engineering a lot while I was researching schools and I noticed the many different fields and industries in which industrial engineering could be used and it drew me in.

What does it take to balance a challenging course load with competing in college athletics at a high level?
I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember so I have had to balance school and sport my entire academic career. I believe it takes dedication to both school and sport as well as time management. It was very difficult at times but patience and belief in your abilities helps.

What was your favorite engineering course?
Probably my product production and design class. I got to create a product from the brainstorm stages to the actual machining and got to really see my work result in a useful project and it gave me a feeling of fulfillment. Second would be solid works graphic design for the same reasons.

What does NC State Athletics do to support athletes’ academic pursuits?
We have a very robust academic support center with tutors available. They also put on different workshops for resume building, interview help and host a student-athlete career fair every year.

You’ve received a 2016 ACC Postgraduate Scholarship to continue your studies. What will that entail?
After my rotational program with Eaton, I will likely find a place where I can pursue an MBA or master’s in sports administration. The scholarship gives $5,000 toward an accredited graduate program that I choose to pursue.

Tell us about your career goals.
I would like to end up in administration of some sort. Hopefully, I can find my way back into sports and get involved with sports administration. I love sports and having the ability to work with them day in and day out would be a dream come true.

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