computer science

Apr 8, 2020  |  Covid-19 Response

Visualization tool tracks COVID-19

NC State analytics experts develop a new visualization tool that can help users find useful information about COVID-19’s spread.

Feb 27, 2020

Fidelity Investments Speakers Series – Igor Jablokov

Igor Jablokov, CEO of Pryon, will give a talk on February 27, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. in 1231 EB II. The talk is entitled, "Enterprise 2025 – AI, Ethics, and the Future of Work."

Feb 13, 2020  |  Alumni

Colton Botta named a Rhodes finalist

Colton Botta is the first NC State University alumnus in over a decade to be named a finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

Feb 4, 2020  |  Students

$2.75M NSF award helps launch new CyberCorps® Scholarships for Service

Thanks to a $2.75M award from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Computer Science at NC State University is pleased to announce the launch of five annual CyberCorps® Scholarships for Service, available to undergrad and grad students specializing in cybersecurity.

Jan 31, 2020  |  Alumni

Poole and engineering alumnus Patel to open global cuisine restaurant in North Carolina

Sejal Patel is an alumnus that received bachelor’s degrees in computer science and finance in 2006. Day-to-day, he serves as the director of pricing for IQVIA, a multinational health information technology and clinical research company, but after hours he is an ambitious entrepreneur about to open his eclectic restaurant, The Nomad.

Jan 28, 2020

Fidelity Investments Speakers Series – Chris Hazard

Chris Hazard, co-founder and CTO of Diveplane, will give a talk on Jan. 28, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. in 1231 EB II. The title of the talk is "What Can We Learn About Innovation From the Theories That Drive Artificial Intelligence?"

Jan 9, 2020  |  Research

Delta Air Lines joins NC State‘s IBM Q Hub

Delta Air Lines, the world’s largest global airline, will be the founding industry partner to join the IBM Q Hub at NC State, as part of a multi-year collaborative effort with IBM to explore the potential capabilities of quantum computing to transform experiences for customers and employees.

Dec 19, 2019  |  Students

Getting ready for the real world

Jasmine Wang is graduating from NC State this week and will be right back on campus in January. The Wilmington native receives her degree, a Bachelor of Science in computer science, but is enrolled in the accelerated bachelor’s/master’s degree program, which allows undergraduate students at NC State to complete the requirements for both degrees at an accelerated pace. She expects to receive a master’s in December 2020.

Dec 17, 2019  |  Students

Forging ahead, their way

No two paths to graduation look the same. Meet a handful of extraordinary fall graduates who forged ahead to make it happen.

Dec 5, 2019  |  Research

NC State named a hot spot for 5G innovation

As the global race toward 5G heats up, NC State will lead research to create a faster, smarter wireless network.