Apr 9, 2021  |  Faculty and Staff

Zorowski leaves behind legacy of service to the College of Engineering

Carl Zorowski, longtime professor and administrator in the College of Engineering, passed away on Monday.

Mar 1, 2021  |  Faculty and Staff

Simon named head of Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Sindee Simon, P.W. Horn Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University, will lead the Department of Chemical of Biomolecular Engineering at NC State University.

Feb 25, 2021  |  Alumni

Take a virtual tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall

The NC State Alumni Association and the College of Engineering held a a virtual tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall, the latest engineering building on Centennial Campus.

Feb 10, 2021  |  Awards and Honors

Martin-Vega elected to National Academy of Engineering

NC State Engineering Dean Louis Martin-Vega has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering in the 2021 class.

Jan 5, 2021  |  Research

Robots in the air and on the water could improve shellfish farming

A new NC State project is putting robots to use to monitor water quality in ways that allow shellfish farmers to raise yields and ensure food safety.

Dec 29, 2020  |  Students

College of Engineering meets campaign fundraising goal

The financial support from alumni and friends will grow the College of Engineering's impact for generations to come.

Dec 17, 2020  |  Faculty and Staff

Grant elected as AIChE president for 2022

Dr. Christine S. Grant is a Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering faculty member and is the inaugural Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement in the College of Engineering.

Nov 11, 2020  |  Magazine

College of Engineering enhances its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Over the summer, the University assembled an interdisciplinary team to evaluate NC State’s policies, examine every opportunity to strengthen them against racism and discriminatory behavior, and modify them, where allowed by law, to bolster its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Nov 11, 2020  |  Magazine

In our labs

Loud booms sometimes heard on the ground floor of Engineering Building III on NC State’s Centennial Campus signal successful experiments in the Ballistic Loading and Structural Testing (BLAST) Laboratory.

Nov 11, 2020  |  Magazine

Who’s calling

Automated or semi-automated phone calls, also known as robocalls, are a major security concern for phone users in the United States. While most robocalls are an annoyance, some of these calls are specifically designed to target the vulnerable segments of our society.