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Student finds family and high-flying fulfillment in BAE

Inspired by his grandfather, Manuel Arturo Pena, Enrique Pena Martinez always knew he wanted to study agriculture. As a young boy, he would visit his grandparents and spend hours watching vegetables grow in raised beds on the roof of their home. “I would forget about the world,” he recalls. “It was always such a pleasure to go there.”

His grandmother, Consuelo Ascanio Rodriguez, is the one who told him he could have a career in engineering. “My grandmother told me, ‘Enrique, what you’re going to be is an agricultural engineer.’”

His interest led Enrique to travel 1,300 miles from his home in the Dominican Republic to pursue an education in the United States. He is a recent NC State alumnus who earned the Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

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