NC State entrepreneurship shines at CES 2020

Entrepreneurship program faculty and staff members, including Dr. Miller

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Thomas Miller III, was recently interviewed by the Trade Show Live to talk about entrepreneurship culture at North Carolina State University and programs fostering a business-building environment.

With over 37+ years at NC State and extensive experience with start-ups, including his own, Miller gives his take on the relationship between students and innovation. He touches specifically on his experience in the Computer Engineering department* and what led to the launch of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program, which includes students from across the university.

In part 1 of the podcast episode, Miller shares how the concept of creating “beneficial collisions” led to the birth of programs and common spaces such as the Entrepreneurship Garage, the Albright Entrepreneurs Village and the eClinic. Miller emphasizes the importance of creating environments where students from all different disciplines can come together with one common interest – innovation and entrepreneurship.

“You put these things together and magic starts to happen.”

In the first part of the podcast, Miller says, “that’s what entrepreneurship is about – making innovation sustainable.” Through various academic offerings, extracurricular activities, startup tours, a living-learning residential option and strategic partnerships, Miller has indeed helped make innovation sustainable at NC State.

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*Editor’s Note:  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering