Alumni Spotlight: Jackie Ammons

Alumna Jackie Ammons

Jackie Ammons graduated in 2015 with a degree in biological engineering and a concentration in environmental engineering. She currently works as a hydraulic components engineer at Caterpillar, Inc.

What brought you to the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering?

Many generations of the Ammons family were raised as Wolfpack fans and attended school at NC State, including me. I knew all along that I wanted to go to school at NC State, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. Keeping up with family history, I was soon inspired by my dad as he graduated from the BAE program in 1980. After going to one of the info sessions for the engineering department I knew my background in agriculture had led me to the right path of choosing BAE. I quickly began to love the BAE program, but I was torn on what to do with my degree. The engineering courses focus on drawing, Autocad and modeling, but through other courses, and Dr. Boyette bringing in professionals from different industries, I realized there is more to engineering than drafting and modeling. I focused on what I knew I was good at – talking to people, managing my time and work, and continuing to use my technical background.

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