Dani Winter ’18 innovates water treatment and the Twitterverse

Dani Winter

How do you capture the interest of researchers all over the country in 140 characters or less? Danielle Winter ’18, a senior majoring in biological engineering, would be happy to demonstrate.

As an incoming freshman Park Scholar, Winter had an interest in science and the environment that had been focused on stormwater through an internship with the Stormwater and Erosion Control Department in her hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. To further develop her knowledge, she applied to be a research assistant at the urging of her professor, thus beginning what would turn into a four year endeavor into stream restoration and water treatment. At first, she was helping volunteers get to the field sites, cleaning bottles, and helping with general tasks. But one year later, as the doctoral student leading this multiyear project was leaving the lab, it was Winter, now a sophomore, who would step up to finish monitoring the site.

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