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Foundation Year in Review

Board of Directors 2014 –15

Robin E. “Rob” Manning, President, EE ‘78
Ashley S. Barnes, IE ‘95
Ashok Bhatnagar, NE ‘79
Robert “Bob” Brooks, EO ‘69
Calvin H. Carter Jr., MSE ’77, ’80, ‘83
W. “H.” Clark Jr., IE ‘56
Christopher M. Crump, CSC ‘78
Frank S. Culberson, CHE ‘60
William H. Dean, EE ‘88
Ralph G. Edwards Jr., IE ‘61
John Freeman, MSE ‘57
Suzanne S. Gordon, CSC ’75, MA ’75, ST ‘80
Carlos D. Gutierrez, CHE ‘60
Len Habas, EE ‘66
James A. Hackney III, ME ’61, IE ‘62
Jacob T. Hooks, MSE ‘78
Susan Horn, MSE ‘78
Ross W. Lampe Jr., IE ‘77
Lee T. Mazzocchi, CE ‘90
Thomas R. McPherson Jr., EE ’76, ‘77
Mark A. Norcross, FMM ‘76
Thomas D. Pearson, FMM ‘65
V. Nelson Peeler Jr., EE ‘88
Carl S. Stutts Jr., CHE ‘68
Alvin Sumter, ISE ‘87
Pamela Townsend, CE ’84, ‘87
Gregory N. Washington, ME ’89, ’91, ‘94
Charles T. Wilson Jr., CE ‘65
Scot Wingo. CPE ‘92
Robert R. Womack, MAE ‘59
Jim Yocum, ME ‘84v
Deborah B. Young, CE ‘77

The NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc. had another record-setting fundraising year with $21,741,828.00 in private gifts and new commitments for fiscal year 2014-15 in support of students, faculty and programs in the College of Engineering. These numbers do not include a significant number of pledges dedicated to the Engineering Oval Project. The accompanying charts illustrate the sources and uses of this private support.

In addition to the Engineering Oval Project, priority has been given to building the endowment of the College, with $9.2 million in new commitments to that area. Those gifts are the most important and enduring investments donors can make in the College, and they have a profound impact on our ability to attract and retain people ­— the students and faculty members who define the College. There is a strong correlation between the growth in endowment giving and the growth in giving by alumni. Endowment is one of the most important ways donors can establish a legacy at NC State. The permanence of endowment provides us the opportunity to recognize our endowment donors through named funds, preserving legacy for the donor and leadership examples for other prospective donors.

In the coming years, facilities will also play an important role in our fundraising priorities. The Engineering Oval Project not only unifies almost all of the College on Centennial Campus, but also provides a public-private blueprint for future capital needs. While the State of North Carolina has generously funded all of our capital needs historically, new funding models will include philanthropy, along with state support.

On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, the Foundation expresses its sincere appreciation to all who continue to give so generously.

The NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc., established in 1944, is the fundraising arm of the College of Engineering. For more information on the Foundation, including financial statements, audits and tax id number, please visit:

Gifts and New Commitments by Gift Source, Fiscal Year 2014-15

Gifts and New Commitments by Gift use, FISCAL YEAR 2014-15

Foundation Staff

Brian E. Campbell
Assistant Dean for Development and College Relations | 919.515.9956

Lora F. Bremer
Executive Director of Major Gifts
and Campaign Planning | 919.513.0983

Ben H. Hughes
Special Development Advisor | 919.515.9974

Ketura Parker
Director of Development
Electrical and Computer Engineering/
Materials Science and Engineering | 919.513.1338

Michael Walsh
Director of Development
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/
Industrial and Systems Engineering | 919.515.7237

Angela Stallings
Assistant Director of Development
and Alumni Engagement | 919.513.1714

Department Representative

Kenneth M. Tate
Department of Computer Science | 919.513.4292

Russ O’Dell
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering | 919.513.2071

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