Rizkalla honored with Arthur Boase Award from ACI

Dr. Rizkalla (Photo: submitted)
Dr. Rizkalla (Photo: submitted)

Dr. Sami Rizkalla, distinguished professor of civil engineering and construction and director of the Constructed Facilities Laboratory at North Carolina State University, will receive the Concrete Research Council Arthur J. Boase Award from the American Concrete Institution (ACI) Foundation.

Rizkalla was selected in recognition of his “significant research contributions and international leadership in advancing the knowledge and application of fiber reinforced polymer reinforcement for concrete structures.”
The award will be presented at the ACI spring convention in Chicago on March 21. Rizkalla has been an ACI member since 1972 and a Fellow of ACI since 1993. He received the ACI Delmar L. Bloem Award in 2004 and the ACI Joe W. Kelly award in 2008.
ACI is a nonprofit technical and educational society organized in 1904 and one of the world’s leading authorities on concrete technology. The society currently has 98 chapters and 20,000 members spanning 108 countries.
Rizkalla’s research includes the design, construction and performance of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and bridges. He has recently focused his attention on the innovative use of FRP materials for rehabilitation, strengthening and repair of bridges and structures, as well as new construction. His current research also includes the use of optic fiber sensor techniques for structural health monitoring and prognostic of structures and bridges.
A member of faculty since 2000, Rizkalla received his master’s and doctoral degrees from NC State in 1974 and 1976, respectively.