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NFOW Cohorts & New Faculty Networking Events

Welcome to the supportive community built around the New Faculty Orientation Workshop. This network is dedicated to nurturing and empowering new faculty members as they embark on their academic careers. Whether you’re considering a faculty position or have already accepted one, our community is here to provide the essential support you need.


Our community revolves around fostering connections, sharing insights, and offering ongoing support in the realms of effective teaching, research management, and campus integration.

Why Be Part of Our Community?

Joining our community is essential for new faculty members seeking to thrive in academia. Here, you’ll establish a support system, share best practices, and collaboratively navigate the challenges of research, teaching, and campus integration. By being part of our community, you contribute to the ongoing improvement of academic practices and help shape the future of higher education. Many Ph.D. programs may not adequately prepare you for the complexities of academic life, making our community a valuable resource for personal and institutional success. 

Community Highlights

  • Proven Success: More than 500 new faculty members have already gained from this community since August 2000 and have consistently offered positive feedback.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of experienced faculty members who have successfully overcome the challenges you’ll face.

Upcoming Events

Stay engaged with our community through a variety of events, workshops, and discussions tailored to your needs. Keep an eye on our event calendar for upcoming opportunities to connect with your peers and further your professional development.

Join Our Community

To become part of our community, simply express your interest, whether or not you’ve participated in the New Faculty Orientation Workshop by emailing the Office of Faculty Development and Success at Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to connect with your peers.

Thank you for becoming part of our new faculty community. We eagerly anticipate helping you embark on your academic journey, surrounded by a supportive and collaborative group of peers.