Women and Minority Engineering Programs (WMEP)

We focus on ensuring a diverse student body by providing community building and engagement, academic support and professional development through several activities to ensure an inclusive environment for all students. The Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering sponsors the WMEP Programs.

Underrepresented students

Important offerings while we are away from campus!

We know it is hard to be unable to visit campus right now, and we miss seeing you!  For our current students, make sure you are watching for our iContact emails from engr-wmeprograms@ncsu.edu, and read all the way to the bottom!  They come about once a week with opportunities for Zoom meet-ups, internships and other announcements.


Are you thinking about the fall and wondering what it may do to your first semester in college?  There is no better way to be sure you have a good, fulfilling experience than to connect with WMEP folks.  Need help making decisions?  Email us at engr-wmeprograms@ncsu.edu.  We will be sure you have everything you need to do what is right for you!

Here are some videos to help you get to know us as you decide whether you want to join our Wolfpack family!  We hope you do!

WMEP Suite Virtual Tour

David speaks about joining the Latinx fraternity

WMEP overview with Rachel

Programs Offered


Women & Minority Engineering Programs

  • To create a collaborative environment for all students, faculty and staff that embraces and appreciates diversity in our community of scholars
  • To engage corporate partners and alumni in ways that mutually benefit all parties while supporting minorities and women in the College of Engineering
  • To support K-12 education and outreach activities

Programs for Incoming Students

WMEP SEE (Summer Exploration Experience) Camp

Each year, hundreds of newly admitted engineers are invited to participate in this summer bridge program, where they interact with engineering faculty members, visit industry sites and get an early start on their membership in the engineering family. This year, you are invited to spend a week on campus with us. You will participate in exciting engineering activities, make some of your best college friends, eat (a lot) with us, and get comfortable on campus in preparation for the fall. Summer orientation will be a part of your experience. Watch your email for an invitation to apply!

Overnight Recruitment Weekend

The Overnight Recruitment Weekend is geared toward admitted students who are interested in learning more about the NC State campus and the rigors of completing an engineering degree. The weekend is held in conjunction with the College of Engineering’s Open House. The Overnight Recruitment Weekend allows students to see first-hand what life as an engineering student entails and gain insight into the opportunities available for a successful undergraduate career at NC State University. Prospective students are assigned a host for the weekend and stay in residence halls located on and off campus. Prospective students also attend classes with hosts and participate in a formal evening program that includes a catered meal, student panel and entertainment provided by engineering and university student organizations.

Summer Transition Program (STP) (Not held in 2021)

The Summer Transition Program (STP) is a program that enhances the academic and social maturation of incoming engineering freshmen prior to the start of the regular academic year.  STP is held in partnership with the Summer Start Program.

STP is designed to help you learn more about the rigors of completing an engineering or computer science degree while showcasing the support offered via the Women and Minority Engineering Programs (WMEP). STP offers student success workshops, Professional Communication Workshop, tutorial support for your Summer Start coursework (Math and Chemistry), social activities, corporate field trips and more. There are several benefits for participating in STP: 1) connect with other students admitted to the College of Engineering 2) learn about the support components that make up WMEP 3) connect with College of Engineering alumni via our Professional Communication Workshop and 4) network with industry partners via our Friday Industry Visits 5) introduction to campus resources to support your success while at NC State and finally 6) fun with our planned social activities free of charge for participants.

Summer Research Program

The WMEP Summer Research Program (WMSRP) was piloted in the summer of 2015. WMSRP is a 10-week program designed to provide high-impact research experiences for undergraduate students with a focus on recruiting women and underrepresented minority students at NC State. WMSRP aims to increase each student’s research self-efficacy and awareness of prospective research opportunities in both academic and professional settings.

Students complete an Engineering Research Principles course. Students then conduct research and prepare abstracts and posters of their work, which is then presented at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

Programs for Current Students

Taste of Engineering

Each year, the engineering departments come together bringing food and drink that relate to their majors. Students have an opportunity to receive help in choosing a department, discuss jobs versus graduate school, talk about how to pursue undergraduate research, and more . . . all while sampling a wide variety of food offerings!

Dinner Dialogs

Students are invited to have dinner with faculty members and staff and industry representatives, just to chat, get support and mentoring, and network.

Industry Roundtables

Hundreds of companies vie for the opportunity to meet and network with NC State Engineering students! At the biannual roundtable events, students have a chance to get advice on seeking jobs, making the most of opportunities, transitioning to their first job, and much more, all from industry representatives who are looking to attract NC State students to their jobs!

Tools Workshops

Each semester, students have an opportunity to spend an evening gaining confidence with all the kinds of hand tools that they may use as engineering students. From soldering to saws, from pipettes to breadboards, interesting projects are set up and students flow from one station to another to play and learn.

Student Advancement and Retention Teams (START)

START is an early intervention and peer-mentoring program for freshmen engineering students. Students are paired by either major, demographics, or both with an upper-class engineering student. START teams meet on a regular basis to discuss issues like what classes to take or how to get an internship. START enables first-year engineering students to get off to a “good start.”

E 144 and E 145 (Freshman Orientation Courses)

These professional student development courses are designed specifically for the new freshmen in the College of Engineering. Fall topics for the E 144* course include time management, social adjustment, expectations, leisure alternatives and test management. Spring topics in E 145* include effective communication, resume writing, interviewing skills, internships, co-operative education and critical thinking.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

WISE is one of several living and learning communities on campus. WISE was created for first- and second-year women engineers, mathematicians, statisticians and scientists. The program combines a group living experience with resident, upper-class mentors who will assist in the transition to university life. Promoting academic success; fostering the formation of lasting relationships with fellow students, professors and mentors; and providing out-of-class experiences are fundamental components of the program.

*Information about E 115, E 144, E 145 and other courses can be obtained at the Registration and Records’ Class Search.

We Need You!

Many of the programs we offer can’t happen without students like you! We are always looking for students to serve in different roles for our programs, i.e., mentors, counselors and panelists. If you are interested in helping out, just let us know!

Student Organizations Get involved at NC State


Networking isn’t just a buzz word; it’s a necessary part of succeeding as a student . . . and in life. You need to talk to other students, your teachers, people working in industry and government, on and on. This is not always easy, especially if you tend toward being introverted.

  • The best way to do it is to simply show up! Find a club meeting (or a Women in Engineering Program) and just go. Or invite your roommate to go with you.
  • Go to office hours and introduce yourself. Meet your professor one on one. The ENGAGE Engineering project has some great tips on how to go about this.
  • Look for engineering society meetings where industry and government representatives will be in attendance. Some groups, like SWE, have visitors nearly every meeting. Another good time to find these opportunities is in the evenings before or after the Engineering Career Fair.

Remember, networking at its heart is about having conversations with people. You will be amazed at what develops when you just step out!


The College of Engineering awards merit-based and need-based scholarships to entering freshmen, transfer and continuing students. The College of Engineering takes seriously its obligation to attract, mentor and graduate a diverse student population. Consequently, every effort is made to ensure underrepresented minorities and women are included in the eligibility pool of serious candidates for merit and need-based scholarships. For more information about College of Engineering scholarships, see scholarships for incoming freshmen, transfer and current students.


Engineering student dances in the men’s fancy during a Native American powwow at NC State.

Engineering student dances in the men’s fancy during a Native American powwow at NC State.

Students who identify as African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Native American are underrepresented when enrolling and graduating in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) fields. As a result, many engineering colleges and universities have minority engineering programs or diversity offices aimed at recruiting, retaining and graduating minority engineers. Many of the same institutions also have women in engineering programs with the same purpose: to recruit, retain and graduate women.

Although our programs are open to all students (without regard to race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation), students with one of the backgrounds listed above or any combination of the three are automatically a part of the Women and Minority Engineering Programs.* Whether you start your NC State College of Engineering journey as a new freshman or you have transferred to the College of Engineering, you are a part of WMEP.

*Students who choose not to report their ethnicity will not be included in program communications and activities.

Many opportunities will be shared on the WMEP ListServ aimed at attracting diverse students to the field of engineering and ensuring retention all the way through graduation from the College.   These opportunities may be special events with our corporate sponsors, scholarship opportunities, employment opportunities, etc.

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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

Dr. Katherine Titus-Becker
Director, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Living and Learning Village
College of Engineering
NC State University
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