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The Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process that we use is adapted from the version designed by Boston Museum of Science’s Engineering is Elementary program. The Engineering Design Process is a consistent repetitive series of steps for developing or improving a product or system. Educators are encouraged to explain this 5-step process to students, as well as display it in their classrooms as a reference.

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The Engineering Design Process

  1. Ask
    • What is your design supposed to do?
    • How will you know if it is doing what you want? What could keep you from making it do that?
    • How will you test your design?
  2. Imagine
    • Apply knowledge and creativity to brainstorm ideas together.
    • Agree on one to try!
  3. Plan
    • Consider your materials and resources.
    • Sketch/draw the details.
    • Pitch your plan.
  4. Create
    • Follow the plan.
    • Test it out and compare your results to what you wanted or expected.
  5. Improve
    • Analyze your test results.
    • What change would make the biggest impact on meeting your goal?
  • The engineering design process is a series of steps that you repeat to develop or improve a product, process or system. You can start anywhere in the process, however, most engineers begin at ASK or IMPROVE.
  • Failure is always a part of the process … so is learning from failure!