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Alumni and Giving

NC State's College of Engineering is among the top engineering colleges in the nation, thanks in part to support from alumni and friends.

The Power of Philanthropy

For Richard Rohrbaugh,  giving to Fitts-Woolard Hall ensures the University’s legacy continues. “To me, it’s just a no-brainer because the facilities have got to keep up with the type of instruction we’re trying to give.”

Richard Rohrbaugh

Richard Rohrbaugh

When you generously donate your time, know-how and financial support, you help ensure that the next generation of engineers have access to the expertise and experience to thrive in the their fields.

As alumni or friends of NC State’s College of Engineering, you’ve already experienced the life-changing benefits of our work. You know why supporting the College of Engineering is so important. Your gift to the college can support scholarships, fellowships, professorships, academic programs, faculty research and other initiatives that are not typically supported through state appropriations.

Gifts to our endowment serve the college in perpetuity, providing valuable support year after year that builds over time. Schools with large endowments have a greater chance of luring top faculty and students with the professorships and scholarships the endowment supports. These top faculty and students are the backbone of a great college. Their impact is felt in the classroom, the laboratory and across the state and separates NC State Engineering from the competition.

Endowments are just one way to support the college. Planned giving — donations through wills or trusts — support the college and can create lifetime income for the donor or a loved one. Some planned gifts are eligible for estate tax deductions.

Whether an endowment or a planned gift, these ways of supporting the college stand as examples of the generosity of our loyal alumni that will inspire each new generation.


Links for a Lifetime

Our community of engineering and computer science alumni — 58,000 strong — fuels the economy of North Carolina. They make an impact far beyond the state’s borders, too, serving at the highest levels of Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Army, leading tech-industry upstarts and even claiming a Nobel Prize.

As lifelong members of the Wolfpack, they carry their NC State connections everywhere they go, reinforcing the bonds between their alma mater and the countless industries they touch.

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