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The ENGR Template

Template Documentation

This section contains several documents on how to use the template. Each gives instructions for common tasks and tips for going beyond the basics. If the Documentation doesn't cover a topic in enough detail regarding the functionality of Dreamweaver, Contribute, Fireworks please refer to Macromedia's Online Documentation. For assistance with the template see the Help section.

Major Changes from the Dreamweaver MX
ENGR Template

The Dreamweaver MX 2004 (CSS 2 based) Template is a completely different approach to design from the traditional table layout of the previous versions. This means the template will not display as intended in Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4, and other browsers that don't support CSS. These browsers will "linearize" the content so it is still readable and accessible. The template is tested with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, and Safari for reasonable rendering of the CSS and Netscape 4 and Lynx for non-CSS support.

The template's look has also been updated slightly. The colors and use of background are more subdued. The new template also will stretch with the browser to maximise use of screen area and usability on smaller displays. There are no longer as many template files, only one template per number of columns. The new template relies on CSS and Dreamweaver Template Properties to set the column widths and position. As always, there is a version of all layouts exported for text editor users.