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Internal Forms and Templates

Available for College of Engineering research faculty and staff use, a Google Drive shared folder that contains pre-award information, forms, and templates in one location. It can be found HERE.

The College Research Office provides principal investigators and research administrators with a standardized budget template that can be used for common indirect rate calculations, specifically, MTDC, TDC, TFFC, and NIH’s modular format. It also accommodates the college’s requirement for account codes.

The template is managed by COE-ORA pre-award team, so, if you discover any issues, errors, or recommendations, please email

COE Budget template

North Carolina State University has an extensive list of account codes, however, the College of Engineering only allows certain limited account codes in a proposed budget during the proposal stage. These codes can be found at the below link.

Budget Account Codes

As you know, the university establishes individual fringe benefit rates for each category of employee based on the actual costs plus health insurance and the federally negotiated Composite Rate. Fringe benefits can be complex to calculate, therefore, the college has developed a resource tool.

Fringe Benefits Calculation Guide

This guide provides a list of common and frequent research administrative inquiries and requests that are performed by principal investigators and research administrators. It is a cheat sheet or quick reference tool to help guide you through the many aspects of research administration in the College of Engineering.

Common Request Guide

As part of the proposal process, some solicitations may contain potentially problematic terms and conditions, commonly referred to as ‘red flag’ terms. The college research office provides a list of these frequent terms to help identify them in solicitations, as well as, a short description of what each one is and how to respond to them during the department review process.

Potentially Problematic Terms Questionnaire

Occasionally it may be necessary to establish a project ID (5-account number) before finalizing a sponsored agreement. When assured that a sponsored agreement can be reasonably expected to materialize, a pre-award project number can be established for the purposes of beginning the process of recruitment of project employees, ordering of specialized equipment and supplies, for example, in preparation for the start of the project. In the event that the University is unable to fully negotiate and execute this agreement, the Department will retain sole financial responsibility for all costs incurred. If the agreement is successfully negotiated and there are unallowable costs, then the designated unit indicated on the pre-award request form will be responsible for payment of these costs from other appropriate funding sources.

Keep in mind, when requesting a pre-award account there may be risks associated with research compliance, like export controls that may be identified within the sponsor’s final terms and conditions. It is possible the solicitation referred to any compliance requirements like export controls, however, it may not be until the final agreement is received will it be certain.. Before requesting a pre-award account, it is vital to consider research compliance requirements and other restricting terms, such as the sponsor prohibiting employing the services of a foreign national on the research project. Therefore, consider these potential risks, and proceed with caution when requesting the pre-award account. .

Pre-Award Form (PDF)

This agreement should attract the sponsor to do work with the university, but it can be used only once. This option includes a special minimum of 15% overhead and the total project cost is limited to $50,000. Delegated authority to sign this specific agreement, without negotiations or edits, is with the college.  To avoid any misunderstandings with the terms and conditions of this agreement, it is recommended the agreement be shared with your sponsor in advance. Please also be certain to secure departmental approval of your proposal before beginning the process with your sponsor.

Memorandum of Agreement MOA (PDF)

Further information HERE

The attached form must be completed and included in PINS for core and enhancement center projects, as well as, center subcontractors.

To help ensure that NC State faculty understand their responsibilities as recipients of industrial research funding, a new PI Acknowledgement Form (approved by OGC and SPARCS, and is now a required component of PINS submissions) has been prepared by the Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures (OTCNV) that is tailored to the specific needs of membership Centers and Institutes as well as industrial consortia.

  • Please insert the name of your unit in all highlighted areas of the Form and save it as a template for use with projects funded by your Center, Institute or consortium.
  • The Form should be included with your Center/Institute/consortium RFP on the project calls for funding by industry membership dues (internal and external).
  • The Acknowledgement Form must be signed by the PI of each Core project at NC State approved for funding by your membership IAB, and uploaded to PINS with each proposal.
  • Signed Form is required as a component of the PINS record for each Enhancement project funded by an industry member of your Center, Institute or consortium.
  • The Form must be signed by the PI of each external project selected for funding and uploaded with each PMR request for provision of an external sub-award.

This requirement is applicable to all new and supplemental proposals (as described above) with the start date on or after July 1, 2018

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