materials science and engineering

Jan 7, 2019  |  Research

For first time, researchers can measure insecticide on surface of mosquito nets

Researchers from NC State and the CDC have come up with a technique to measure how much insecticide is found on the surface of mosquito nets – paving the way for efforts to determine how long the nets are effective.

Dec 20, 2018  |  Students

NC State NanoWolves team brings home five awards in Biomolecular Design competition

The NanoWolves, a team of six NC State students, won five prizes at BIOMOD, an international biomolecular design competition held at University of California San Francisco.

Dec 18, 2018  |  Research

Technique allows integration of single-crystal hybrid perovskites into electronics

An international team of researchers has developed a technique that, for the first time, allows single-crystal hybrid perovskite materials to be integrated into electronics. Because these perovskites can be synthesized at low temperatures, the advance opens the door to new research into flexible electronics and potentially reduced manufacturing costs for electronic devices.

Sep 28, 2018

Support of Fitts-Woolard Hall offers unique opportunities to current and future students

On Friday, April 20, 2018, the University broke ground on Fitts-Woolard Hall, the crucial next step in the College’s move to Centennial Campus. The new building will bring together innovators from the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering and the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE). Meet two alumni who have supported the project and are helping continue the College’s excellence in engineering.

Sep 28, 2018  |  Magazine

Family honors longtime ceramic engineering department head with naming

Room 3010 in Engineering Building I on NC State’s Centennial Campus is occupied by the head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). Dr. Donald Brenner, Kobe Steel Distinguished Professor and MSE department head, is the current occupant. Gerald Kriegel hopes that whomever sits in that office adopts an open-door policy for students. After all, that’s what his father did.

Sep 28, 2018  |  Magazine

Department heads named in Materials Science, Computer Science

The College has named new department heads in the Department of Computer Science (CSC) and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

Sep 28, 2018  |  Magazine

Program places students in internships across rural North Carolina

Kristen Manchette is a senior from Charlotte, NC, studying materials science and engineering. This summer, though, she learned the ins and outs of storm water best management practices when she participated in Rural Works!, an NC State internship program.

Sep 13, 2018  |  Rankings

College climbs US News undergraduate rankings

The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University is moving up steadily in US News & World Report rankings of undergraduate engineering programs.

Jun 18, 2018  |  Research

Using gold nanoparticles to trigger sequential unfolding of 3-D structures

NC State researchers have developed a new technique that takes advantage of gold nanoparticles to trigger the sequential unfolding of three-dimensional structures using different wavelengths of light.

May 24, 2018  |  Research

Microscopy advance reveals unexpected role for water in energy storage material

A material with atomically thin layers of water holds promise for energy storage technologies, and researchers have now discovered that the water is performing a different role than anyone anticipated.