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Engineering Entrepreneurship

Tom Miller standing in front of digital wall display.

Oct 15, 2021

Senior Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship Tom Miller to retire

Senior Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship Tom Miller will retire effective July 1, 2022, after 40 years of service to NC State. Miller previously stepped down as Senior Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship in 2021 to focus on leading NC State Entrepreneurship. 

Jul 19, 2021

Meet the newest startups heading to the Andrews Launch Accelerator

Four of the five selected startups have ties to the College of Engineering. 

Ritika Shamdasani and her sister Niki, walk on a runway at a Sani fashion show.

Jun 18, 2020

Guiding young businesses to success

With experiential learning programs and funding opportunities, NC State Entrepreneurship helps students turn their ideas into reality. 

Dr. Orlin Velev (right) Alexander Richter

Oct 6, 2015

From concept to commercialization

Benanova wants to take NC State research into the marketplace 

From left, Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, Tasso Von Windheim and Tyler Confrey-Maloney

Oct 6, 2015

More than a nail polish

A powerful tool for preventing sexual assault begins with a senior design project 

Proposed Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Oct 6, 2015

How NC State starts up

“Startup companies are the engine of job creation. Period,” said Dr. Tom Miller, senior vice provost for academic outreach and entrepreneurship and founder of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) and Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) at NC State. 

Oct 6, 2015

An entrepreneurial ecosystem

NC State does more than just teach entrepreneurship in the classroom. The university has developed a range of programs to expose students to entrepreneurs, help students develop their own ideas and then push those ideas into the marketplace. 

Oct 6, 2015

More names to know

Some of these College of Engineering startups are barely out of the gate. Others are bringing innovative products to the marketplace and creating jobs. All are taking the research and teaching that goes on in the College and making a local, and even global, impact.