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Tag: electrical and computer engineering

Apr 7, 2015

Franzon named Distinguished Professor

Dr. Paul D. Franzon has been named Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. 

Dec 12, 2014

The science and engineering behind Amsterdam’s Rainbow Station

If you’re passing through the Amsterdam Central train station you may be pleasantly surprised to see a vibrant rainbow projected on the large arch that spans over its platforms. It’s the “Rainbow Station” project by artist Daan Roosegaarde – and it was made possible by technology adapted specifically for the project through collaboration with NC State researcher Michael Escuti and ImagineOptix Corporation, the company he founded to pioneer patterned liquid crystal optic technologies. 

Nov 6, 2014

Cockroach cyborgs use microphones to detect, trace sounds

NC State University researchers have developed technology that allows cyborg cockroaches, or biobots, to pick up sounds with small microphones and seek out the source of the sound. 

Oct 30, 2014

New tech aims to improve communication between dogs and humans

NC State University researchers have developed a suite of technologies that can be used to enhance communication between dogs and humans. 

Oct 20, 2014

Researchers take big-data approach to estimate range of electric vehicles

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed new software that estimates how much farther electric vehicles can drive before needing to recharge. 

Oct 4, 2013

Researchers work to squeeze more data from bandwidth in mobile devices

A team of researchers is working on technology that would allow mobile devices to send and receive more data using the same limited amount of bandwidth. The work is supported by a $1.08 million NSF grant. 

May 14, 2013

New software spots, isolates cyber-attacks to protect networked control systems

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a software algorithm that detects and isolates cyber-attacks on networked control systems.