biomedical engineering

Apr 9, 2020  |  Research

Off-the-shelf artificial cardiac patch repairs heart attack damage in rats, pigs

“Off-the-shelf” freezable, cell-free cardiac patch delivers therapy to site of heart attack injury.

Apr 7, 2020

Eighteen College of Engineering students named NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Eighteen students from the College of Engineering at NC State have been named recipients of the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship. 

Mar 30, 2020  |  Research

Custom clotting particles could help heal chronic wounds

Inventors here are patenting technology with the potential to transform how chronic wounds are treated.

Feb 18, 2020  |  Students

My Story: Sandy Lin

Growing up in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina,  Sandy Lin ’21 used inspiration from her family’s journey to America as motivation to achieve her dream of becoming a student at NC State.

Feb 7, 2020  |  Research

Platelet microparticles give antibody drug ‘piggyback ride’ to repair damaged heart

Platelet microparticles can deliver drugs directly to site of heart injury.

Feb 4, 2020  |  Research

‘Wristwatch’ monitors body chemistry to boost athletic performance, prevent injury

Engineering researchers have developed a device the size of a wristwatch that can monitor an individual’s body chemistry to help improve athletic performance and identify potential health problems.

Feb 4, 2020  |  Students

Naila Segule awarded prestigious Payne fellowship award

Naila Segule, who is studying biomedical engineering and interdisciplinary studies in global health communication and development, recently returned from a full-day interview in Washington, D.C., at the USAID Office for the final leg of her application to the Payne International Development Fellowship.

Dec 3, 2019  |  Students

Goodnight Spotlight: Sarah Hall

While she is a self-described “goofy extrovert,” Sarah Hall ’22 is all business when it comes to public health.

Nov 26, 2019  |  Research

Virtual reality would make attending therapy easier for stroke survivors

Researchers have created a virtual reality clinic to make it easier for stroke survivors to attend their physical and occupational therapy sessions. Results from a proof-of-concept study suggest that the technology – and the social connection it facilitates – are effective at encouraging therapy participation.

Nov 22, 2019  |  Awards and Honors

BME’s Allbritton and Ligler in Top 100 list of analytical scientists

Kenan Distinguished Professor Nancy Allbritton and Lampe Distinguished Professor Frances Ligler in the UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering make a leading publications's Top 100 list of analytical scientists.