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MSE announces visual competition winners

Looking east across campus towards downtown Raleigh on a sunny Spring day. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

In the fall semester of 2021, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering hosted its first visual competition as a way to foster positive morale and encourage a supportive spirit for faculty, staff, and students. After a competitive and nail-biting review by the judging panel, the winners have been selected and we are excited to announce them.

Sub-Competition for the MSE Undergraduate Student Lounge

For the sub-competition of the visual entries open to undergraduate MSE students only, the winner is Garrett Baucom. His entry is a micrograph image entitled, “PEDOT: PSS Micro-Scale Sample Array.” The judges were impressed with the striking minimalism, symmetry, and cheerful tone this entry evokes.

Artist statement

Garrett Baucom

“This is an image from my current research, using a microplotter to deposit small quantities of PEDOT: PSS solution on a gold-pattered silicon substrate to then measure the conductivity of many solution additive compositions in a high-throughput manner to learn more about the compositional effect and to identify the best conductivity compositions.”

Winning entry of MSE Visual Sub-Competition is a micrograph by MSE undergraduate Garrett Baucom, entitled, “PEDOT: PSS Micro-Scale Sample Array”

Main Competition for the MSE Atrium

And the winner of the main visual competition that was open to all MSE faculty, staff, and students is Nina Balke. Her entry is a graphic design discovered in her research group entitled, “The Energy Landscape of Layered CuInP2S6.”  The judges selected this entry for its bold use of color, dynamic energetic lines, and indeterminate organic structure.

Winning entry of MSE Visual Main Competition is a graphic design by MSE faculty member Nina Balke entitled, “The Energy Landscape of Layered CuInP2S6.”

Artist statement

Nina Balke

“This is a graphic design of a material investigated in the Balke Research Group.”

Congratulations, Garrett and Nina! We look forward to seeing your work installed in our department soon!

This post was originally published in Materials Science and Engineering.