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Fall 2021 Engineering Design Day winners announced

Team U.S. Navy presents their project for Engineering Design Day.

By Ian Price

For the past two semesters, ISE seniors have had to partner remotely with local companies on their senior design projects. But now, after a year away from campus, they have made a triumphant return. With that return comes some truly stellar projects.

Despite the high level of quality that everyone demonstrated, there can only be two winners.

And without further ado, the winners for the Fall 2021 Engineering Design Day are…

First Place: Team Spoonflower

Students: Madison Lang, Mengyang Wei and Maria Mackie

Spoonflower’s wallpaper division has expanded in recent years and needed more work in progress (WIP) cubby space. During its busy seasons, the cubby system would overflow. The student team revised the WIP cubbies to hold more orders in the same area by analyzing cubby usage and order sizes. By redistributing the cubbies’ locations and updating the labeling system, They reduced the time needed to store and retrieve orders and adapt to future expansion needs.

Second Place: Team GSK

Students: Conrad McCoy, Isaac Caldwell and Francisco Ortiz

GlaxoSmithKline wanted to optimize a manufacturing line’s staffing levels and equipment effectiveness in their Zebulon facility. The senior design team collected months of data and used it to create a simulation model of the line. This model determined an optimal staffing level and recommended equipment and batch sizes. The results were reduced labor costs and an improved return on investment of the line.

Congratulations to our winning teams!

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This post was originally published in Industrial and Systems Engineering.