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Foundation Year in Review

Thank you postcard featuring photo of NC State belltower surrounded by green trees.

In line with other fundraising efforts across campus, the NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc. led the College in surpassing its $230 million Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign goal this year, with $250,010,197 raised to date. We are poised to raise $260-$270 million by campaign close on December 31, 2021.

Fundraising totals to the College were $26,651,510 during the 2020-21 budget year. The College has invested heavily in projects like Day of Giving, raising a record $6.1 million from 1,706 donors this March in support of department enhancement funds, the Women and Minority Engineering Programs (WMEP), scholarships and professorships. Closing the fundraising gap for the now-open Fitts-Woolard Hall remains a priority, and we hope that the ability to introduce prospective donors to the building will facilitate more gift conversations.

Endowments to the College generally fall into one of three categories: scholarships, named professorships and fellowships. There are now 67 permanently endowed named professorships and more than $70 million in total endowed scholarships. Total endowment support for the College is $199.7 million as of June 30, 2021, including directly owned assets as well as endowments held outside of the Engineering Foundation.

The annual giving program raised a total of $536,767 for the College of Engineering Leadership Fund. The Dean’s Circle, the College’s leadership annual giving society, grew to a total of 566 members, which includes 262 new members.

These results illustrate an all-hands-on-deck advancement mentality. The Foundation is working to expand its front-line capacity to assign more fundraising resources to the largest departments and create space to better support WMEP.

NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc.

The NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc., established in 1944, is the fundraising arm of the College of Engineering. For more information on the Foundation, including financial statements, audits and tax identification number, please visit Foundations Accounting and Investments.

  • V. Nelson Peeler, Jr., President, EE ‘88
  • Bruce Baldwin, ME ‘92
  • Suzanne Beckstoffer, CE ‘82
  • Michael Broaders
  • Robert (Bob) Brooks, EO ‘69
  • Linda Butler, NE ‘86
  • Calvin Carter, Jr., MSE ’77, ’80, ‘83
  • Wesley Covell, EE ‘84
  • Michael Creed, CE ‘73, ‘84
  • Heather Denny, CE ‘95
  • David Dove, AE ‘69
  • Steffanie Easter, CE ‘85
  • Suzanne Gordon, CSC ’75, MA ’75, ST ‘80
  • Basil Hassan, MAE ‘88
  • Len Habas, EE ’66
  • Rashida Hodge, ISE ’02, ‘03
  • Seneca Jacobs, CE ‘99
  • Rob Loftis, EE ‘02
  • Helene Lollis, CHE ‘87
  • Samuel (Sam) McCachern, CE ‘85
  • Tiffany Chin Moore, ISE ‘01
  • Chi Nguyen, AE ‘92
  • Mark Norcross, FMM ‘76
  • Deval Parikh, CE ‘94
  • Scott Stabler, MAE ‘82
  • Carl Stutts, Jr., CHE ‘68
  • Alvin Sumter, ISE ‘87
  • Pam Townsend, CE ’84, ‘87
  • Hannibal (Hans) Warren, Jr., CE ‘84
  • David Whitley, EE ‘92
  • Mark Wyatt, CSC ‘80
  • Deborah B. Young, CE ‘77

Griffin Lamb
Assistant Dean for Development and College Relations
Executive Director of the NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc. ▪ 919.515.9956

Michael Auchter
Leadership Annual Giving Officer ▪ 919.515.6243

Carissa S. Burroughs
Lead Event and Alumni Relations Coordinator ▪ 919.515.9975

Allison Gorrell
Business Services Coordinator ▪ 919.515.9974

Shawnda Hill
Business Officer ▪ 919.513.7557

Anna Knight
Director of Development / Major gift contact for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Nuclear Engineering ▪ 919.513.7604

Hannah Kunkel
Assistant Director of Development,
Alumni Engagement and Stewardship ▪ 919.515.9958

Angela S. Martin
Associate Director of Annual Giving and Prospect Development
Contact for the Dean’s Circle and Annual Giving ▪ 919.513.1714

Sara Seltzer
Director of Development / Major gift contact for the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering ▪ 919.515.3973

Jenna Slater
Administrative Assistant ▪ 919.515.7458

Lindsay Smith
Senior Director of Development ▪ 919.515.7738

Michael Walsh
Senior Director of Development / Major gift contact for the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ▪ 919.515.7237

Russ O’Dell
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering ▪ 919.513.2071

Laura Schranz
UNC / NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering ▪ 919.513.7937

Kenneth M. Tate
Department of Computer Science ▪ 919.513.4292