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Jennifer Frix ’17 channels AI to promote fairness in banking

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As a student, Jennifer Frix ’17 thrived in fields that used logic and numbers to find solutions and loved learning about the intersection of problem-solving and business. These interests led her to the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering as an undergraduate and later to the Institute for Advanced Analytics as a graduate student at NC State.

Photo of Jennifer Frix, COE alumnaCurrently, Frix works for Bank of America as an assistant vice president in the Artificial Intelligence Enablement and Governance team, where she assesses artificial intelligence (AI) solutions implemented across the enterprise to identify risks or unintended consequences and ensures that the bank is following responsible AI practices including fairness, equality, transparency and privacy. One way she ensures the bank follows these standards is by increasing the explainability of AI. Many of the modeling techniques associated with AI are very difficult to comprehend, and by increasing the explainability of these models, it is easier to gain a better understanding of the rationale behind the complex decisions associated with AI.

“When we understand how a model works, we can better ensure that it is operating with fairness and equality. Explainability is a field that is rapidly evolving and growing right now, with many companies striving to be on the forefront.”

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