BAE Young and Saur take the top spots in New Faces of ASABE

Wolf Hands

Each year the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers (ASABE) chooses two individuals – a professional and a student – to act as the New Faces of ASABE. New Faces of ASABE are announced annually just ahead of National Engineers Week. Through the stories of these individuals, New Faces of ASABE aims to inspire their peers, the public and future engineers who may follow in their footsteps. By their professional and personal achievements, the New Faces of ASABE are making a world of difference.

ASABE offers two categories: the Professionals Edition honors ASABE members 35 years old and younger, while College Edition honors our undergraduate student members. This year, both of the top honorees come from NC State’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

The Department’s Dr. Sierra Young and Brieana Saur are this year’s New Faces of ASABE.

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