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Getting ready for the real world

Jasmine Wang

Jasmine Wang is graduating from NC State this week and will be right back on campus in January.

The Wilmington native receives her degree, a Bachelor of Science in computer science, but is enrolled in the accelerated bachelor’s/master’s degree program, which allows undergraduate students at NC State to complete the requirements for both degrees at an accelerated pace. She expects to receive a master’s in December 2020.

She chose NC State for several reasons. Wang said she was first attracted to the practical, real-world nature of the computer science program, housed within the College of Engineering.

“I like that computer science is part of engineering,” she said. “I got a lot of real-world and industry experience that I don’t think you can get at other schools.”

The other driving factor in her decision to attend NC State was the receipt of the prestigious Park Scholarship, a four-year scholarship covering tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, travel and personal expenses. Park Scholars also are eligible for grants to fund professional and personal enrichment experiences.

Since the Park Scholarship covers eight semesters, and Wang will graduate with her undergraduate degree in seven, the scholarship will cover the first semester of her master’s program this spring.

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