Job search tips with NC State alum Dane Grismer

Dane Grismer

According to NC State undergraduate (B.S. in Chemical Engineering 2009; B.S. in Paper Science and Engineering 2009) and postdoctoral alum, Dane Grismer, Ph.D., it is never too early for graduate students and postdocs to begin their job search. He mentioned he wishes trainees took a more considered and strategic approach to the job search process, using the same focus and rigor that they give their experiments and coursework.

“You need to make your career happen. You’re the CEO of your career,” Grismer quotes commonly used but sage advice. What exactly does taking charge of your career look like? Grismer describes his process of career exploration, his insights from serving on a few job searches with his current employer (KBI Biopharma), and offers advice on being prepared and strategic in a new role.

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