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Questions with young alumnus Jacob Bowes

Jason BowesJacob Bowes’ connection to the College of Engineering has not diminished since graduating in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He remains active through his work as the chair of the development committee for the Young Alumni Advisory Board and as a Dean Circle donor.

Why did you initially start giving back to the College of Engineering? 

I wanted to stay connected to the college and ensure educational opportunities made available to me were made available to someone else. I also believe in giving back to the people and places that help make you successful and the College of Engineering certainly did that for me.

Why is supporting the College at the Young Alumni Dean’s Circle level important?

Young alumni often feel they cannot make an impact because they may not be able to make that “million-dollar gift.”  The College of Engineering made the effort to create a giving level that is in line with what a young alumni can reasonably manage. Supporting this endeavor early on builds a foundation for giving and a lifetime’s worth of potential leadership opportunities at NC State.

What has giving back to NC State meant to you? 

Giving back to NC State is the best way for me to solidify what being a part of the Wolfpack represents. I have always thought of NC State as a second family and family looks out for one another.

If you could share one thing with someone who hasn’t yet supported the College what would you share? 

Don’t go through life ignoring where you came from and forgetting who/what helped you get where you are today. Whether you realize it or not, NC State opened doors for you to be successful and with success comes great responsibility. Think about what a closed-door might have looked like for you and find a way to open a door for someone else!

To learn more about how you can help support the College as a young alumni donor, please contact Erica Fuller, Assistant Director of Development, at 919.515.9958 or