Yoga instructor transforms passion into a lifestyle

Shaily Shah

Originating from India, yoga is a practice used to enhance health and well-being by uniting your body, mind and soul. Chemical engineering major, Shaily Shah ‘22, has developed a passion for yoga. Through every pose and breathing exercise, she aims to share the practice of yoga with others.

Beyond Physical

In her early stages of walking, Shaily Shah was already doing tree poses and breathing exercises. Rushing down to her basement, to join her parents’ yoga classes, was a part of her daily routine. By becoming in tune with her body and taking time to come together, Shah understood the impact of yoga at a young age.

“Most people think of stretching and poses when they think of yoga. While this is true, the meaning of yoga is the union between your mind and body,” said Shah. “Yoga is understanding how your mind and body connect in ways that you don’t get to think about.”

Because of this understanding, at the age of 14, Shaily wanted to give the same mind-body experience to others. After she developed the idea of volunteering at her local Hindu temple, teaching youth classes, she created and led an eight-week schedule. From that moment, Shaily realized that her love of yoga turned into a passion–for teaching the practice.

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