NC State Engineering 2+2 Program director at UNCW has roots in both universities

Amy Reamer

As a Wilmington native and Laney High School graduate, Amy Craig Reamer’s connection to UNCW began virtually from birth.

Her father is an alumnus of the Cameron School of Business and her mother attended UNCW as a mathematics major. Reamer grew up cheering at various UNCW athletic events, attended science fairs on campus and even performed dance recitals in Kenan Auditorium.

“I always tell people how lucky I am to be working on this beautiful campus maintaining my connection to UNCW while promoting engineering at NC State,” said Reamer. As program director and academic advisor for the NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program, Reamer works onsite at UNCW but is employed by NC State, where she received her undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. “I think it’s important for institutions within the UNC system to work together to meet students’ educational goals. NC State and UNCW have enjoyed success through their 2+2 program partnership, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

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