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Five NC State Engineering faculty members earn NSF CAREER awards

Five outstanding young faculty members in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University have been chosen to receive Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards from the National Science Foundation.

The recipients are:

Dr. Veronica Augustyn
Dr. Augustyn

Dr. Veronica Augustyn, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, for her research proposal, “Understanding Ion Transport in Solvated Layered Oxides for Electrochemical Energy Storage.”

Dr. Min Chi
Dr. Chi

Dr. Min Chi, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, for her research proposal, “Improving Adaptive Decision Making in Interactive Learning Environments.”

Dr. Ramon Collazo
Dr. Collazo

Dr. Ramon Collazo, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), for his research proposal, “Engineering point defect formation in UWBG-based optoelectronic devices.”

Dr. Stefano Menegatti
Dr. Menegatti

Dr. Stefano Menegatti, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, for his research proposal, “Light-and temperature-controlled peptide ligands for purifying blood factors and orphan enzyme drugs.”

Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker
Dr. Shirwaiker

Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker, associate professor in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, for his research proposal, “Ultrasound-Assisted Biofabrication of Biomimetic Soft Tissue Constructs With Aligned Fiber Organization.”

With these awards, faculty members in the College of Engineering at NC State have racked up 72 CAREER awards since 2000.