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Ivanov succeeds Azmy as head of Department of Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Kostadin IvanovDr. Kostadin Ivanov, the new head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering, will build on predecessor Dr. Yousry Azmy’s work to grow the department and move research into new areas.

Ivanov served as Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering and graduate coordinator in the nuclear engineering program at Pennsylvania State University. His research interests are in reactor physics, fuel management and modeling, coupled space-kinetics/thermal-hydraulics modeling, core analysis and design methods, computer code qualification and uncertainty quantification.

Azmy’s seven-year tenure saw the number of bachelor’s degrees in nuclear engineering increase by 47 percent and the number of master’s degrees increase by 56 percent. The department’s faculty grew from eight in 2007 to 17 today.

The department is a founding partner of the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors, an effort to make sure that future nuclear reactors can work safely and more efficiently, and is leading the Consortium for Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities, which is working on the next generation of nuclear material detection systems.

At Penn State, Ivanov established the Reactor Dynamics and Fuel Management Group, which addresses the demands for more accurate and efficient analyses concerning safety and economic performance of current and next-generation nuclear systems. He helped establish Penn State as an international center for qualification of coupled 3D kinetics/thermal-hydraulics codes.

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