Good Reasons to Go the Two-Plus-Two (2+2) Route

Two-Plus-Two (2+2) means a student enrolls at UNC Asheville for 2 years, then transfers to NC State and completes the engineering degree with 2 additional years at NC STATE.

Advantages of the UNC Asheville "2+2"

The 2+2 Program allows a student to begin his or her engineering education in the small, public liberal arts environment of UNC Asheville. Class size is small and direct interaction with instructors is routine. Freshman can easily become "lost" at a large university, but that is not likely at UNC Asheville.

UNC Asheville is an institution dedicated solely to the education of undergraduates, unlike most large schools. All resources are directed at undergraduates. Graduate Teaching Assistants are not available, so instructors provide all instruction personally.

Numerous support mechanisms exist and are readily accessible to students. These include academic advising, the Math Lab, Writing Center, Counseling Center and various tutorial situations. This fosters a nurturing environment for students, especially in the freshman year when it is most needed.

Many students at UNC Asheville are from Western North Carolina. Attending UNC Asheville allows the student to remain at home or close to home while going to college. Ties to familiar support systems of family, friends, etc. are easy to maintain and tap into.

UNC Asheville provides strong preparation in math, science, english composition, humanities and social science. These subjects make up the majority of the freshman and sophomore curriculum. The student is in the proper location at the proper time in the curriculum to exploit these strengths of UNC Asheville.

The "track record" of the 2+2 Program is very strong. Since 1983, approximately 350 students have transferred from UNC Asheville to NC State College of Engineering. UNC Asheville has been the largest and strongest source of engineering transfer students for many years. Students are well received in Raleigh in their home departments; faculty generally recognize the thorough preparation provided by UNC Asheville.

Advantages of the NC State "2+2"

Approximately half-way through the engineering curriculum, the 2+2 student transfers to the NC State College of Engineering. The student matriculates into a specific engineering department at this point.

NC State is a large university bustling with undergraduate and graduate education as well as research. Campus activities, student engineering societies, career development assistance and interaction with more advanced students provide upper class engineering students with valuable experiences and access to information and opportunities.

The 2+2 student enters this environment as a more mature and advanced student. The presence of laboratories, equipment, research, a large and diverse faculty, and an expansive course offering are more meaningful at this stage of the curriculum.

Disadvantages of the "2+2"

The only disadvantage one might find in the 2+2 Program is that it requires a transfer and change of location half-way through the curriculum. However, it is typical that a group of students transfer, and this provides a few friendly faces on the new campus.

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