Centennial Campus today

Centennial Campus expands to meet the demands of innovation and collaboration.

 Centennial Campus offers a unique combination of industry, teaching and research. Now, NC State students are living on the state-of-the-art campus.

Centennial Campus offers a unique combination of industry, teaching and research. Now, NC State students are living on the state-of-the-art campus. (PDF, 5.08 MB)

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Since land was first allocated for a new campus in 1984, the dream of a “technopolis” that brings together academics, research, government and industry has been realized in NC State's Centennial Campus. Today, Centennial is home to more than two-thirds of the College of Engineering and is nationally recognized as a model for the 21st century. Centennial's newest additions – Wolf Ridge at Centennial student apartments and the world-class James B. Hunt Jr. Library – give students a place to live, study and play.

  • Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center
    Opened: 2007
    What's Inside: More than $12.5 million of industry-standard equipment
    Fun Fact: The 82,500-gross-square-foot center, the largest of its kind in the US and the world, features a simulated cGMP pilot plant facility where skilled professionals train for the biomanufacturing industry.
  • Constructed Facilities Laboratory
    Opened: 1996
    What's Inside: 20,000 sq.ft. research complex with student and faculty offices, state-of-the-art laboratories, and equipment
    Fun Fact: Contains some of the largest testing equipment in the nation. Distinguished for its capacity to test large to full-scale structural systems under a wide variety of environmental conditions.
  • Engineering Building I
    Opened: 2004
    What's Inside: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
    Fun Fact: EB I is a very big home for very small structures – researchers create nanodots, develop nanofibers, and find new ways to use nanotechnology.
  • Engineering Building II
    Opened: 2005
    What's Inside: Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Fun Fact: Emmy award winner and National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Donald Bitzer, co-inventor of the flat plasma display panel, has an office here.
  • Engineering Building III
    Opened: 2010
    What's Inside: Biomedical Engineering, CASL, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory
    Fun Fact: The facility has the first “green” roof on Centennial Campus.
  • James B. Hunt Jr. Library
    Opened: 2013
    What's Inside: 100 group study rooms and technology-equipped spaces, including the Game Lab, which features a 21-foot-wide, high-definition video wall
    Fun Fact: Visitors love the robot-driven bookBot automated book delivery system that holds up to 2 million volumes.
  • Keystone Science Center
    Opened: 2010
    What's Inside: 72,000 sq.ft. Class “A” laboratory and office building suitable for both wet and electric lab users
    Fun Fact: The center is home to the NSF FREEDM Systems Center, one of two NSF Engineering Research Centers on Centennial Campus.
  • Monteith Engineering Research Center
    Opened: 1996
    What's Inside: The NSF ASSIST Center and state-of-the-art laboratories
    Fun Fact: Renamed in 2005 to honor Dr. Larry K. Monteith, chancellor emeritus and former dean of engineering at NC State, MRC houses the FEI Titan electron microscope, which can enlarge images to more than 15 million times their actual size.
  • Wolf Ridge at Centennial
    Opened: 2013
    What's Inside: Apartment living for upper-class and graduate students
    Fun Fact: Wolf Ridge is the first student housing built on Centennial Campus.
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