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Michael Auchter

Assistant Director of Leadership Annual Giving

Sherry Bailey

University Program Manager/ Event Coordinator

Bailey Berryann

Administrative Support Spec

TraSheka Blackmond

University Program Associate

Jackie Bond

Business Services Coordinator

Laura Bottomley

Director, Women in Engr., Engr. Education and The Engineering Place

Eva Boyce

Assistant Director: Media Coordinator

Leah Bug

Assistant Director, The Engineering Place

Carissa Burroughs

Lead Event and Donor Relations Coordinator

Tricia Cage

Technology Support Analyst

John Curley

Director of Communications and Marketing

Susan D'Amico

Coordinator of Engineering K-12 Outreach Extension, The Engineering Place

Angie Daniel

Special Advisor, DEI Initiatives & Director, MEP

Helen DiPietro

Office Manager Eng.Com/ Chair Staff Senate 2021-22

Richard Duckworth

Post Award Officer / College TEARS Coordinator

Robyn Fillinger

Manager of Graduate Programs and Student Services

Patrick Hayes

Director of Research Administration

Danielle Herman

Associate Director of Communication

Ryan Hoekstra

IT System Administrator II

Linda Krute

Director of Distance Engineering Education Programs

Hannah Kunkel

Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Engagement and Stewardship

Griffin Lamb

Asst Dean - Engineering

Laura Ling

University Program Associate

Angela Martin

Associate Director of Prospect Development

Vanessa May

Administrative Support Assoc

Laurinda Perez

Assistant Director of Research Administration

Hailey Queen

Coordinator of Engineering First Year Programs

Kim Roberts PhD

Director of Recruiting, Enrollment Management & Educational Partnerships

Will Rowland Jr

Asst. Director of Engineering Facilities

Aaron Sbarra

Technology Support Technician

Steve Sharp

Director of Operations and Facilities

Nancy Shaw

K-20 Engineering Outreach Coordinator, EFY Academic Advisor & Lecturer

Lindsay Smith

Senior Director of Development

Ken Tate

Director of Engagement and External Relations

Mike Walker

Assistant Dean for Finance and Business Management

Matthew Walker

Implementation Professional II

Mike Walsh

Senior Director of Development

Barry Wells Jr

Implementation Professional II

Shannon Williams

Assistant Dean for Personnel and Administration

Erica Wisecup

Business Officer, NC State Entrepreneurship