Image of Dr. Hassan

Dr. Hassan A. Hassan, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at NC State, has established the Hassan Family Fellowship Fund to provide two-year stipends for master’s candidates and four-year stipends for Ph.D. candidates in the College of Engineering. Read more

Alumni and Friends

NC State Engineering alumni and friends are enterprising leaders in their fields who strengthen the College by generously donating their time, know-how and financial support.

You can help

Your gift to the College can support scholarships, fellowships, professorships, academic programs, faculty research and other initiatives that are not typically supported through state appropriations. More than likely you've already experienced the life-changing benefits an NC State engineering degree can offer, so you know why supporting the College of Engineering is so important.

Gifts to the endowment, in which the principal is deposited in an investment account and only the endowment’s annual income is used for the donor’s chosen purpose, are particularly valuable to the College. Schools with large endowments have a greater chance of luring top faculty and students with endowed professorship and scholarship offers. These talented people can start distinctive research efforts that separate NC State from the competition.

Some donors may want to consider a planned gift. Donations through wills or trusts support the College and can create lifetime income for the donor or a loved one. Some planned gifts make the supporter eligible for estate tax deductions.

To learn more, contact the NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc, which was chartered in 1944 to secure private financial support critical to the improvement of the College.