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Artist rendering of Hunt Library and Fitts Woolard Hall. Teal sky, white clouds, black trees, gray buildings with three gray drones flying overhead.

Fall / Winter 2022 NC State Engineering Magazine


Pack Points

Faculty Highlights


Artist rendering of Hunt Library and Fitts Woolard Hall. Teal sky, white clouds, black trees, gray buildings with three gray drones flying overhead.

Up In The Air

Experimental testbeds on Centennial Campus will help usher in the future of drones and wireless communication.

Tracking COVID-19

Inside labs in Fitts-Woolard Hall, engineering researchers are testing wastewater to identify trends.

Esports for the pack

One of the largest collegiate esports arenas in the U.S. will be built at NC State with funding from the North Carolina General Assembly.

10 years of wearable device breakthroughs

The Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) Center graduated from its National Science Foundation funding this year.

A better engineering education

NC State’s College of Engineering and College of Education collaborated to form a joint Engineering Education program.

Summer on campus

K-12 students returned to NC State for in-person engineering summer camps for the first time since 2019.


You’re inspiring

Share your story with the College of Engineering for the Inspiring Engineers series.

The Inspiring Engineers series shares diverse stories, career paths and experiences that were all in some way shaped by NC State Engineering.

All of us have a story to tell, and you can share yours by filling out the Inspiring Engineers form at the link below.

Your accomplishments make the College stronger, and we are proud of our alumni who are making a difference in their communities. Your stories inspire our current students and future engineers, who are already making an impact on campus and beyond.

We’re also looking forward to introducing you to a few of NC State Engineering’s inspiring stories through regular speaking events on Zoom.

For questions about the event, contact Hannah Kunkel at

Howling wolf statue silhouetted against a blue sky with light white and purple clouds.
The Wolf Statue at the Murphy Center. Photo by Marc Hall

NC State Engineering Magazine
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